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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Hello Again,

Surprise, Surprise, I bought some more makeup this weekend. However, I do have to say it was a bit of a bargain for me because right now in Boots when you spend £15 or more on select beauty brands you get a free gift. In my case, I headed straight to the Soap&Glory counter and after making my own purchases I got a free beauty box worth £29!

I really needed some new powder, but as I have typical teenage combination skin I have to use a pretty decent mattifying powder. That's when I decided I would try out the One Heck of a Blot Powder, as I have heard quite a good few things about it and I am quite clearly a big Soap&Glory fan so trust their makeup products. Also I needed some new eyeliner (I use eyeliners like they are going out of fashion as I wear it nearly every day!), and as Supercat is my absolute favourite I decided to buy some of that as well. These purchases then took me up to (well over actually) the £15 required to get the free makeup box...and here's what I received inside of it...

The Love at First Blush is something that I never would have thought to buy for myself, but upon having a good look at it I regret never thinking to buy it before. It is made up of three different blush colours that are all very shimmery and could be used to highlight as well. I already have some of the a Thick and Fast mascara but haven't actually tried it before, but I use mascara every day so I'm sure I will get round to making good used of it one day. Also, the Gloss Stick is something that I have never tried but it is an absolutely lovely red shade with a hint of glitter in it-I can't wait to try it out properly as I think it will look so nice at this time of year!

As you can probably tell, I am pretty pleased with these purchases-not only did I get the products that I need, I also got three Soap&Glory items that I wouldn't normally have tried!

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

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Review-Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Hello Everyone,

John Lewis recently had a sale on a lot of cosmetics on their website (and I'm pretty sure they will have several more deals soon as Black Friday is in a couple of days!) so me being me, I decided to take full advantage of this offer and get myself a lovely Urban Decay Lipstick. I have never had a lipstick by Urban Decay before, so it took me a while to decide which kind of shade to go with-but I eventually went with a nude colour called Liar that reminds me a lot of Velvet a Teddy but with a shinier consistency and more pink undertones. 

The actual packaging/bullet of this lipstick is gorgeous- I love it's mirrored casing so much, as it is very different from any other lip product I have had before and it also makes it seem pretty sturdy so I don't have to worry about it when I put in my bag etc. However, the only downside of it being mirrored in such a way is that you can see every dirty finger print that gets on it (I had to retake several of my photos for the post because of this very reason).

The lipstick itself is also an amazing shape, (see it in the pictures above), as I really makes application a piece of cake. The product just glides on and traces the line of my lips super easily, as well as also creating the look of fuller, shinier lips (but not in an OTT way!)

I don't know where to start with the colour of this lipstick. Put quite simply it is stunning! As I said earlier it is quite similar to the shade of a Velvet Teddy by Mac, and anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore Velvet a Teddy and have made it my go to lippie over the past few months. A lot of lipstick colours have the habit of washing me out-this sort of nude shade doesn't though which is another reason why I love it, as it looks good when paired with all manner of makeup looks, all throughout the year!

Well, that was just a short summary of the latest addition to my lipstick collection, the Urban Decay Revolution Lippie! I really do love it, and am glad that I chose to try it as something new instead of just going for a Mac lipstick as I normally would (although I really do want to buy some more Mac lip products soon!)

Thank you for reading, as always,

Olivia xo

P.S I will be doing Blogmas as of the 1st of December (well, attempting to do it at least!), which will involve me posting everyday up until Christmas Day! :-)

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Christmas Gift Guide

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hello Everyone,

I love Christmas so much, but the shopping aspect of it can definitely be stressful! You have to buy presents for lots of people who like lots of different things, which makes it pretty difficult to think of things to purchase. When it comes down to it, the presents can end up costing a hell of a lot altogether as well, which is why I thought I would create a little Christmas Gift Guide of sorts today with everything costing £10 or under... 

These presents would definitely work for most friends and younger girls/women-the mini body sprays and bath bits are normally a great shout as they prove pretty useful to anyone.

Mug and Soap & Glory Box- 
Body Sprays and Nail Stuff- 
Lip Bullets- 

I thought it would be handy to just put in some gift ideas for other women such as mums and nans, as in my personal experience they do like different sorts of things to people that are say, my age.

Eyeshadow Palette and Candle- 
Bath Stuff and Scarf- 
Hand Creams- M& 

I'm pretty bad at thinking of thinks to buy for guys, but I think these few gifts will kind of work for most ages-the socks and gloves again are always going to be a hit as they will come in handy in the end for anyone.

Ales, Lynx Set and Gloves- 

Well I hope this post helped a few of you out in the run up to Christmas-I did try to show a variety of presents for all sorts of people from the main shops that stock Christmas gifts in the run up to the big day!

If you have any other gift ideas, please feel free to comment them below to give everyone some more present ideas!

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

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Luxemme Christmas Giveaway

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Hello again,

This is just going to be a short post but I really wanted to tell you all about a really cool giveaway that you can all get involved in! A couple of months ago, I worked with up and coming fashion brand Luxemme on a blog post and now they are giving me and other bloggers the oppurtunity to reward our readers with some Christmas Vouchers...

Luxemme are giving away FREE £15 Christmas vouchers to everyone that registers. They will be posted to your chosen address and can be used to give friends, family or even used as Secret Santa gifts. 

Like and follow their page and follow this link to receive your vouchers:

You can also use my personal link ( to get 10% off!

Luxemme sell so many lovely things, especially dresses and two-pieces, so it's definitely worth registering for the free vouchers and having a browse of their website.

Olivia xo

Facebook - /Luxemme Twitter - @luxemme Instagram - @luxemmeuk 

Another Trip to Lush...

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Hello Again,

As you have probably guessed from the title of this post, I have been shopping in Lush yet again! A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my trip to the Lush store on Oxford Street, and since then I have visited my more local store in Solihull to pick up a few bits and bobs that I will share with you in this post...

On my latest visit, which was last Saturday in fact, I purchased Brightside and some Fun. I have had a smaller version of Brightside before in a box set and absolutely loved it-it is a bubble bar, that is pretty massive and had a gorgeous orange scent. However, I have never tried any Fun before, but this limited edition gold one was recommended to me by a lovely lady in the shop. She told me how many uses it had and also how good it's scent was (once I smelt it myself I just knew I had to get it, as it smells of caramel!)

Before when I visited, I also picked up Snow Fairy and The Comforter (sorry I have no pictures of it as I used it pretty much as soon as I got it home). Snow Fairy shower gel is absolutely an old favourite of mine and a bit of a Christmas tradition to me as its glitter, and gorgeous sweet scent is just heaven! I have also had The Comforter bubble bar before, and I love it for its beautiful blackcurrenty smell (I'm obsessed with the smell of everything in Lush aha!) and how it turns the bath water a brilliant shade of purple/pink.

Well that was a pretty short post about my latest Lush buys! I really am obsessed with Lush, and I pretty much get enticed by it as soon as I smell it from down the street when I'm shopping! I will probably visit many more times over the next few months, so please feel free to recommend your favourite products below so I can try them out!

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette...

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Hello Again,

Quite recently, I bought a new eyeshadow palette (no surprises there, huh?), and I was very very excited as I have never owned such a palette before. The palette in question is the Makeup Revolution Palette in Redemption, and it only cost £4 from Superdrug (you can find it on the Superdrug Website also) so I'm pretty annoyed that I have never thought to buy one before. 

On the few occasions I have used it so far, I have very much enjoying wearing it and am finding it incredibly easy to create all sorts of looks with it due to the versatile colour selection. Therefore, today I thought I would just show you one of the looks that I am currently loving to create with this palette, and am using as my go-to eye look right now...

This look was super easy to create and I just used five of the 12 shadows available in the palette to create it (I have noted which ones in the image above, if you too want to create this look!)

1- Firstly, I just took the really light matte shade from the palette and put it all over my lids and also just into the arch of my brows. I did this both to get a base for the rest of my eyeshadow, and to add more shape and highlight under my brows.

2-Using the brown shade which is also matte I just covered most of my eyelids, as this brown is quite light and just works well to start building up the colour with.

3-This brown is darker and also shimmery. Yet again I just applied it over my eyelids, making sure to get a little deeper into the crease this time as I began to add definition to the look. This shade also just adds a little sparkle and light to the eyes after previously using two matte shades.

4-Next, I swooped some of the really dark shimmer shade right into the creases of my eyelids and blended out until the shadow was dark and defined, yet not too severe and clunky.

5-Finally over the top it I just dabbed on some of the silver glitter shade which just really lit up my eyes. It adds a very wintery spin to the look, which is something I love due to the fact that I normally opt for nude eyes.

And above is the finished look, plus the rest of my makeup! (My eyeliner is the Soap&Glory Supercat and my mascara is the Benefit Roller Lash, both of which are available on I really like the subtlety of this eye look (it works really well day or night), as well as the fact it's not really the typical eye look that I would create.

It was really fun actually showing you all how I create a certain makeup look in this post, so it will definitely be something that I would like to do more of in the future...

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

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My Christmas List...

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Hello Everyone,

I am obsessed with Christmas and absolutely cannot wait for it to arrive this year! To be honest, I love the build up more than anything-all the songs, shopping and looking for presents (for others as well as myself obviously)! I have already had my main Christmas present (a bit early, I know) which was a new iPhone, but I'm pretty sure that won't stop me from receiving some other little presents on Christmas Day. There's still lots of things that I want, but then when isn't there things that I want to get? Therefore, I thought I would make a little Xmas list today with just a few of the main things that I would like to see in my stocking on the big day!

  • Naked Smoky Palette- yes, I will genuinely put this on every Wishlist that I produce until I get it! The shadows in this palette all look so beautiful and I can only imagine all the different looks I could make with it-the mixture of matte and shimmer shades could give me endless eye potential. If I get some money for Christmas, or even my birthday, I will definitely have to purchase this as a bit of an investment product following on from my love of the Naked Basics 2.
  • Dressing Gown- a bit random, I know, but as I'm practically always cold I wear my dressing gown a hell of a lot and now it's looking a little worse for wear. This particular one from just stood out to me mostly because of its cuteness:it's colour and little ears just enticed me, and if you look closely on the website it also looks very fluffy, so would keep me very warm.
  • 2016 Diary- I don't own a diary, and it's come to my attention recently that I really need one. With all my school work and blog work mixing into one it can get a little confusing, so a small diary that I can just pop in my handbag would come in extremely handy next year! When I went to Paperchase, this one was one of my favourites in their diary collection as I just like the colour and the glitter in it.
  • Clinique Chubby Contour Stick- I have seen a few people use this, and in all honesty it just looks like a pretty cool product. I don't really own much from Clinique but I have heard only good things about their cosmetics and as I'm a bit of a sucker for contour products, I would like to try a chubby stick version of a bronzer. It's design would make it pretty easy to apply and blend, which would definitely be handy if I was in a bit of a rush or if I was travelling.

  • NYX Lip Products- I so desperately want to try some NYX products (you most probably know this if you follow me on Twitter), especially their lip products as everyone always seems to be raving about them. I know that NYX is now being stocked on  but they are also going to be having a stand at the Clothes Show which I'm going to twice next month so I think I might just hold on until then to see if there are some bits I can have for Christmas.
I hope you all liked having a little read of what's on my Xmas list, if you have any more present ideas for me feel free to mention them in the comments!

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

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Boohoo Style Focus

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Hello Everyone,

This week has been super exciting as I have been lucky enough to be given the oppurtunity to work with! The lovely Faith contacted me and I have been sent a beautiful outfit as part of their Black Friday campaign, which is fast approaching. I have never actually bought anything from boohoo before (shame on me) so I was pretty excited to finally own some of their clothing. I was far from disappointed when I recieved and tried on my three items, and I just couldn't wait to share them with you as I am in love with them all (especially the checked cape which is just so warm and comfy).

I thought in this post it would be nice to give a little overview of my items, and the other couple of black items that I added into the mix to show other ways to style my new pieces...

(Me awkwardly trying to model clothes) :-)

Checked Cape - As I previously said, I am in love with this cape. I have wanted one of these for ages but was never sure that they would really suit me (I thought I might look as thought I was drowning in fabric) but when boohoo offered me the chance to get some bits I jumped at the chance of a blanket cape. Now I feel pretty stupid for doubting these things and I wish I had made the purchase sooner, as it is so thick and cosy that it will absolutely keep me warm throughout the colder months. I also love it's checked pattern as this means it will go with some many things, and it just makes it stand out that little bit more!

Black Crop Top -I have never been all that sure on crop tops as I feel very self-conscious of my stomach and the awkward mole that resides beneath my belly button, but this black one just looked so cute on the website that I had to give it a try. I will probably only wear it with high waisted jeans, but I still really like it as it is super stretchy and very soft. It goes amazingly with my new cape and will also look nice with tons of other things, as well as being handy to put on under a jumper for an extra bit of layering.

Black Skinny Jeans -I love a good pair of jeans, and these are going to fit in well with the rest of my ever-growing collection as they are super stretchy and comfy to wear. In the winter, I particularly like to wear black jeans but normally opt for high waisted ones- however these are low rise which is something a bit different for me, but I love them all the same. They are pretty cheap as jeans go, but the price definitely does NOT take anything away from the quality as they are thick and I'm sure they will last me for ages.

Other Items Featured:
New Look Striped T-shirt (I couldn't find the exact one but there as many similar on the website).

Well, I hope you liked having a little look at my new bits and pieces. I'm still getting used to receiving items and taking photos of me in them, hence why I look a little awkward in my images (thanks to my Dad for taking them anyway! ) 

Remember to check out if you like any of the items I have shown, although they also sell loads and loads of other fantastic items and always have great offers on!

Thank you, as always, for reading!

Olivia xo

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Celebrity Style-Jennifer Lawrence

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Hello Again,

I love writing posts about the celebrities with style that I envy, as it gives me a chance to take the limelight of my blog away from me for a bit. You all get a look at who I look up to in the fashion and style stakes and also get to see some of my favourite outfits from well known celebrities.

Today will be no exceptions as I will be sharing some of my favourite looks from one of my favourite actresses... Jennifer Lawrence. A strong woman, who in my opinion never fails to make a statement whether it be whilst starring in her latest film or whilst on the red carpet at its premiere.

First, a red carpet look and in honesty one of Jennifer's most well known. Taken from the Oscars in 2013 when she won her Best Actress Academy Award, the above photos give an insight into the beauty of this dress. Call me old school but two and a half years later I still regard this as my favourite look of Jennifer's, and I'm very sure it will be thought of as one of her most infamous red carpet looks for years to come.

Above are two more of my favourite red carpet looks that Miss Lawrence has sported in recent times. Both are extremely classy but also very unique to her- something that I particularly like about Jennifer's style is the fact that she is not afraid to stand out and make each and every look her own. Both looks are also very different which shows the versatility she has with style, and the impression she can make in all sorts of outfits and dresses.

Left Image / Right Image

Off the red carpet, Jennifer never seems to fail in the style stakes either-whether she's wearing a dress as seen in the above images or just sporting jeans and a t-shirt she always manages to look effortless. The dress on the left is really cute and classy with its lace detail, whilst the dress on the right is still super stylish but more laid back.

At Comic Con this year she yet again nailed it in the black cut out dress seen above. She doesn't go too overboard though, which is what I love about this look, with her hair worn down in beautiful natural looking waves that when combined with the dress again create an effortless outfit.

As you can probably tell, I am a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence for both her outstanding acting ability and her gorgeous wardrobe. Personally, I feel she has definitely set about becoming a style icon in her own right over the past few years both on and off the red carpet, and hopefully I managing to show you this today.

Are there any other celebrities whose style you admire, and would like to see me write about in future?
Please comment below and tell me! 

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

October Fashion Favourites

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Hello Everyone,

Another month has passed by, which means another 'Favourites' post is here! I don't think I have done a one of these for a couple of months in all honesty as when I'm at school I just tend to wear the same things (my uniform) and use the same makeup everyday, so nothing ever really stands out in my mind.

However, this month has been a bit different as I have had the last two weeks off school so have been able to do a bit more with my time than just go to school, come home, revise, eat and sleep. Therefore, I do have several favourite things this month, but to put a bit of a spin on it they are all fashion related...

I love my winter coats, and right now I do have two of them after a trip to Bershka on Oxford Street where I got the trench coat featured above. It cost only £35 (now reduced to £29 on the Bershka website) which is so cheap in comparison to many other coats of a similar style from other stores. The other winter coat of mine will be featured below and it is from Topshop and cost £59, which will mean that it will probably be my main coat when the weather gets colder as it is a lot thicker and warmer than my trench coat.

My brogues are from New Look and again were pretty cheap at around £16, however this does not mean for a minute that they lack in quality as they are super comfy and I can honestly say I have walked miles in them without even sustaining the trace of a blister.

I love love love my beanie hat that I got from Topshop last week-it's so cute with its soft little Pom Pom and it's really stretchy and warm as well which will make it perfect to wear once it gets properly cold over here in England. It cost £14.99 and as you can see below I also have a cream version that I got last year (I just had to rebuy in black as the cream was so cosy!)

Again, I have also loved the brown boots above but just like my cream hat they are the subject of last years spending. I believe they were about £25 from Dorothy Perkins and I really need to make a pact to wear them a lot more as I sometimes find myself just reaching for trainers when I get ready. However, they are super comfy and the tread on them is amazing so I'm sure they will come in especially handy once it gets a bit icy.

My two main winter/autumn scarves are also featured above;the top one being from a stall in Solihull shopping centre (I'm not very sure how much it cost), and the bottom one being from New Look (which cost £14.99). I love both of them as they work with so many different outfits, especially the bottom one which is so thick and easy to layer up with both shirts and jumpers. The bottom one is also borderlining on being classed as a blanket, as it is ginormous and will be amazing to keep me warm when it starts getting seriously chilly!

Well, there was a slightly different take on the typical 'favourites' post, but I hope you all enjoyed it and liked having a read of what fashion items I have recently loved.

Which fashion items have you loved over the past month?

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo


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