The Autumn Favourites Tag

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Hello Again,

This post is a little different from the beauty ramblings that I have been recently posting, and moreover it's a post that I was really excited to write. A few days ago I was nominated by Jessica Fisher to do this tag, and as I love Autumn I immediately knew that it was the perfect post for me to do right now. Throughout the post I will just be going through the 'favourite things' that are in some way related to autumn, that I have been asked about in the tag!

Favourite Candle- I love to buy and use Yankee Candles all year round, but there's definitely nothing better than lighting one of them on a cold, dark autumnal evening. My favourite scent would probably have to be Vanilla Cupcake as its a candle that you can use all year round, although the vanilla is especially comforting in the colder months.

Favourite Lip Colour- Despite the fact that I wear this lip shade all year, I would probably have to say that Velvet Teddy is still my favourite in the autumn as well. It doesn't wash me out, which can happen quite frequently with darker lipsticks in the autumn/winter and as its Mac it's good quality and lasts for hours.

Favourite Drink- Autumn, in my opinion, is the time of year when all the best drinks start to arrive in places like Starbucks and Costa Coffee. I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes and all the different hot chocolates on offer in Costa (the chocolate orange one was a particular favourite of mine last year), but despite all this I still don't think that you can beat a good old cup of tea!

Favourite Blush-I don't really use a lot of blusher, but if I had to choose a favourite I would probably pick my Mac Well Dressed as it has just the right amount of pink to make my cheeks pop throughout the colder months.

Favourite Clothing Item- I currently have a lot of clothing items in my wardrobe that I love, as in all honesty I definitely prefer autumn/winter clothing over spring/summer. The darker colours and big cosy jumpers and scarves are my ideal clothing items, but I would probably say that my new winter coat from Topshop (I will feature it in an Autumn/Winter fashion post soon) has to be my favourite item right now.

Favourite Movie-I'm not really sure if I have a favourite movie, let alone an autumn related one. I do watch quite a lot of films, and am a bit of a film fan but I would have to say that on a cold day I would most like to snuggle up and watch a Disney film.

Favourite TV Show- I wasn't really sure about this one either so I will probably just go for something like Only Fools and Horses or The Simpsons, as they are just the sorts of programmes that I watch on a lazy day.

Favourite Thanksgiving Food- I'm from the UK so we don't do Thanksgiving here and I'm not all that sure what's involved in Thanksgiving dinners. However, from a British traditional dinner (like Sunday lunch) I would say that mashed potato or Yorkshire puddings are my favourites.

Favourite Halloween Costume- I have never really dressed up for Halloween either, as its not really a holiday that I like to get into. If I were to go to a party or dress up though, I probably wouldn't go as anything particularly scary as I don't really like horror!

Well there's my attempt at this tag, and instead of tagging certain people I'm just going to say to please have a go at this post if you're a big autumn/fall fan like myself!

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

First Impressions-Soap&Glory Eyes Box

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Hello Everyone,

I feel as though I am writing a lot of beauty based posts at the moment, but as I am at school most of the time I don't really have a lot else to write about other than the things I buy on weekends, and also the things I already own. Hopefully though, when it gets to the October holidays (they're only 3 weeks away for me!) I will be able to write about a wider variety of things!

Anyhow, today I will be reviewing a beauty item that I have only just bought this weekend, and that's literally cannot get over- that item being the Soap&Glory Eyes Box. Upon visiting my local Boots store to merely purchase a new Soap&Glory Supercat liner, I discovered that the Boots Christmas items are starting to arrive in store. Of course, I was immediately drawn to the Soap&Glory section, where I found the Eyes Box...

For £18, you get 4 bestselling eye products-

Supercat Eyeliner Pen-as I previously mentioned, I went into Boots in the first place to repurchase this item. It's usually £6 which is a fair price for such a good item, but when I saw that it was also included in the eyes set it immediately occurred to me that it would probably be worth just buying that instead. I absolutely love this liner, and was pretty devastated to find my old one was drying up-but I do use it practically every day so it was no surprise. It's undoubtably one of the best liquid liner pens I have ever tried, and is perfect to either just quickly line the lid or create a more exaggerated look (but only if I'm in the mood!)

Thick&Fast Mascara-this product is usually £10.50, so the fact that a full sized bottle of this stuff is in this set really impresses me! I also get through mascara like it's going out of fashion, so I already know that this particular product is going to come in pretty handy at some point in the near future. Never before have I tried a Soap&Glory mascara (as many of you know, I'm a big fan of the Benefit mascaras and pretty stubborn when it comes to trying any other brand) but previously I have read many positive reviews on them so I do actually have really high hopes for this product.

Smoulder Kohl Eyeliner- I'm always going to get a fair amount of use out of a kohl liner, so this being in the set was just another plus. Usually this product costs £5 and again, I have never used a pencil liner from Soap&Glory. However I know that this brands standard of quality is high, so I will no doubt be using this pencil to underline my eyes on a regular basis.

Archery Brow Tint and Pencil- this is the final product in the set, and the one that made all the difference for me as it is usually £10, and it's also my staple eyebrow product at the moment. Therefore the fact that it was also included in this set just sealed the deal for me, as I can see my current Archery pen running out in the very near future, so it being included here just saves me having to fork out again for a new one in a few weeks. As I have said before, I am obsessed with this product-theres no denying that it's the perfect shade for my brows and it is also super easy to apply, which is always handy when I'm in a rush in the morning.

Altogether, all the products mentioned here come to the value of £31.50, so by purchasing them in this set, I have saved £13.50 which I believe to be an amazing saving considering each product is full sized and is genuinely a best seller from the brand. I'm really glad that I came across this, and if you're a fan of Soap&Glory products or eye products I would definitely recommend it to you as it is great value for money, and it of course contains 4 fantastic products.

Are you a fan of Soap&Glory products? Would you buy this set?

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

Not Worth The Hype-Leighton Denny Nail Polish

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hello Everyone,

I'm constantly adding to my nail polish collection, and it grew in size once again last week when I got my first Leighton Denny polish. For quite a while, I had admired the Leighton Denny polishes that lined the makeup stands in my local M&S, but had never before got round to purchasing one due to my dedication to the OPI and Essie brands. Their polishes all cost around £11, which is up the higher end of the nail polish price spectrum and due to this price I was expecting a pretty decent standard of product.

However, I was disappointed with what I got from this product as I will explain throughout this post...

Upon searching through the different shades, this particular one just happened to catch my eye when I was immediately struck by its beauty. The shade is called Totally Bedazzled, and choosing it was seemingly a no brainer to me as I could envision the lilac sheen working all year round, with all sorts of outfits. 

The packaging also proved to be very appealing to me, as it looked as though it definitely reflected the price tag. It's sturdy bottle looked perfectly suitable for travelling, and it's shiny lettering and lid looked pretty smart and professional.

Once I got it home, I was just a little bit too excited to wear it. Therefore I was super satisified to find that the polish itself applied well, with quite a lot of colour being added to my nails in as little as one coat. It also dried quickly-which again is another plus, as I hate hate HATE having to wait around for my nails to dry!

So yes, everything was going well with this product and right now your probably wondering why on earth I have made this out to be a negative review...but, the true colours of this product only emerged in the hours that followed.

Chips. Scratches. On every single one of my nails. Needless to say, I was less than impressed when it got to the stage that I could no longer stand looking at the lack of polish that was left on my nails. So less than 18 hours after applying the nail polish, I was removing it again and quite honestly I'm now in no rush to put it back on again. I'm really quite disappointed with this considering I have many cheaper, drugstore nail polishes that don't budge from my nails for days on end, and I do not even have to apply base or top coats to keep them on!

Obviously, this all only from my own experience, and I have only ever tried this one Leighton Denny polish. However, I do not think I would be tempted in to try another (any time soon anyway) and if I'm to wear Totally Bedazzled again, I will definitely be coating it over and over with top coats to try create a bit more durability.

Have you ever tried a Leighton Denny polish? If so, what was your experience like?

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

Battle of the Eyeshadows - Drugstore vs High End

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Hello Everyone,

As many of you may or may not already know, I love a good eyeshadow palette. A couple of months ago I purchased my first Urban Decay Naked Palette (the Naked Basics 2), and that got me thinking-thinking about the comparisons between that and my other, older drugstore palettes. The main drugstore palette that I was using before the arrival of my Naked palette was the MUA Undress Me Too palette; a palette that cost very little, but did a hell of a lot...

So today, I thought it was only fair that I compared the two, and tried to conclude which I thought was better (which was a seemingly more difficult decision than I first thought it would be!)

MUA- £4.00
Naked- £23.00

MUA - the packaging of this palette is pretty reflective of its price-it's made from plastic, looks plastic and I can imagine it would be pretty easily broken or cracked. I'm not a massive fan of the colouring of the packaging either as the white, in my opinion, does make it look a bit cheap and tacky. But, I suppose at the end of the day it's unfair of me to expect grandeur for such a low price.
Naked - I was really happy with the packaging of this palette as it seems sturdy, strong and would be much more travel appropriate than the MUA palette. The colouring and lettering of this palette is also a lot more appealing than that of the MUA one, plus the mirror on the interior definitely reflects the price tag.

Colour/Shadow Shades-
MUA- Without a doubt, the range of colours in this palette is a lot wider than that of the Naked palette, but that was expected considering I already knew that the Naked Basics palette contained less shades than the regular Naked palettes. The shadows in this palette also range from mattes to more glittery shades, so it is suitable to create all sorts of different looks, day or night.
Naked- Like I previously said, when I bought this palette I knew the range of colours was small and I also knew that they were all matte shades. However, the fact that they are all matte doesn't bother me as each colour is super pigmented and is great to create both subtle looks and more bolder ones.

MUA- Considering how much this palette actually cost, I do have to say that it is pretty good quality stuff. The shadows themselves are relatively pigmented and do stay on my eyes for quite a long time.However, I do find the shadows a little crumbly, and probably more difficult to apply and blend than my Naked ones, but for the price of £4, they are way better than I ever expected them to be!
Naked - As I payed a much higher price for these shadows, I was obviously expecting them to be of a higher quality, and thankfully, they are! As I previously said, they are super pigmented and easy to apply and blend to create all sorts of looks. They also stay on the eyes for hours just like the MUA shadows, which again is a definite plus for day to day looks.

So on to my conclusion, and it probably won't surprise any of you to hear that I would pick the higher end Naked Basics 2 as my favourite of the two palettes in question. I know that it is a lot more expensive than the MUA palette, but the quality and colours are just perfect for me. 

However, this does not mean that I am any less of a fan of the MUA palettes,as they are perfect for anyone on a budget and do contain an absolutely great range of colours and shadows to suit anyone. 

Do you prefer drugstore or high end eyeshadow palettes? Please comment below and tell me your favourites!

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

Autumn Berry Lips

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Hello Everyone,

I love Autumn and Winter so much! The warm clothes, the Pumpkin Spice Lattes, the Christmas shopping...Not to mention the darker makeup looks, which FYI suit me so much more than the bronzed, coral summer looks. Perhaps it's just my dark hair and pale skin, but I find pulling off a dark lip and glittery eye so much easier than trying to be a bronzed goddess.

Never before though, have I actually gone all out with the Autumnal makeup looks, and never before have I bought a berry lip shade! But this year, it's all change and I have decided to go for it! 

So, I popped into Boots and searched pretty much all over for a nice berry shade (one that wasn't too dark, but was just dark enough to look effective). That's when I came across the Maybelline lippie stand, and there I found the most beautiful shade in Midnight Plum. Right next to it though, was a matching lip liner which I also decided to buy after much deliberation as it will most likely stop such a dark shade of lipstick from bleeding. As it's also 3 for 2 on Maybelline products right now in Boots, I got a Dr Rescue strengthening nail polish (but more about that another time).

I found it pretty simple to create the berry lip look that's perfect for autumn- easier than expected anyway. Firstly, I just put a bit of lip balm on my lips to give them a bit of moisture before applying the actual lip colours. I then just went round my lips with the liner and then slightly filled them in, also with the liner. Obviously then I just applied a coat of the lipstick and the look was complete-so simple, yet so effective! 

Together, the lip liner and lipstick had great staying power and kept their colour for hours! I was really surprised by the quality of both products, considering the low prices of both (the lipstick was £6.99 and the liner was £3.99) and would definitely repurchase both products in the future, if not go back to get more Maybelline lip products.

This is such an easy peasy look to create and can be added very quickly to even the simplest of makeup looks. It will definitely be my go-to makeup addition throughout the rest of the autumn and even the winter, as I hope to embrace the more wintry makeup looks wholly this year...

Do you prefer makeup in the spring/summer or autumn/winter?

Thanks for reading,

Olivia xo

Travel Bucket List-Second Edition!

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Hello Everyone,

A few months ago now, I created a Travel Bucket List post that proved very popular amongst everyone who's so kind enough to read my blog. I also found it really enjoyable to write as I love going on holiday, and in the future I would absolutely love to visit many different places right across the globe...

So here I am again with another edition to my bucket list, which this time contains more of the places I would like to (hopefully) go to one day!

  • New England - I really love the autumn, and I can only imagine how beautiful New England would look at that particular time of year. The colours, the sights, the great photo oppurtunities- from what I have heard it is definitely a must on any travel bucket list. If you read my other Bucket List, it becomes pretty obvious, pretty quickly that I love the USA as a travel destination, so as well as the beautiful scenery in New England I would just love to visit America time after time anyway.

  • Route 66 - another destination in the USA, I know! But, travelling Route 66 has been a dream of mine for a long time and I will hopefully get to actually live out the dream one day. It just seems like the perfect trip to me, as you get to see so so much of America in one holiday and you can visit a whole lot of states as you go. A lot of driving would obviously be involved in the trip, but I think it would definitely be worth it, as it is seemingly a once in a lifetime oppurtunity.
  • Sorrento - I also included an Italian travel destination (Rome) on my last Bucket List. Sorrento seems to be a bit more of a chilled out spot in Italy, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful or any less cultural. The hundreds of photos of the stunning blue sea and the cute little colourful buildings and businesses are seemingly always inticing me in,not to mention the thought of all the beautiful Italian food. Ice cream, pasta and pizza (especially pizza) are big favourites of mine, so living off those sorts of foods for a week or two would be a dream in itself for me to be honest.

  • Sydney- I would really love to visit Australia one day, the key place that I want to explore being Sydney, but I don't like flying that much so will definitely struggle plucking up the courage to take such a long flight. However, if I try and travel a little bit further on planes one day I might be ready to take such a long journey as I think Australia just looks like a beautiful country to visit! The sights look amazing, and so do the animals there-especially the koalas!
  • Paris- I can't believe I have never been to France when it's actually so close to home. One day I will hopefully get to visit, and my destination of choice would probably be Paris as it just seems to have everything- great shopping, eating and lots of landmarks to see. I would especially love to see the Eiffel Tower, but whether I would actually go up it due to my fear of heights is a different story!
As you can kind of tell from this Travel Bucket List post, and my last, I pretty much want to visit a whole lot of places (and the one's I have listed are only a small fraction of my ever growing list). I may, or may not get to visit some of them but I suppose I can dream that I will be lucky enough to visit a few in the future...

Have you been to any of these places before? If not, what destinations are on your travel bucket list?

Thank you again for reading,

Olivia xo

Review-Sleek Contour Palette

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Hello Everyone, 

A few weeks ago now, I mentioned that I had purchased the Sleek Contour Palette on one of my many shopping trips during the summer holidays. I had wanted to buy the palette for a long time, as firstly I had heard many good things about it, and secondly I was desperate to find a bronzer/contour kit that didn't look too dark on my pale-ish skin.

I'm happy to say that I think I may have finally found a complementary contour/bronzing shade within this palette, as I will explain throughout the rest of this review...

So, I bought this palette from Superdrug and it cost me £6.99, which I believe is definitely an extremely fair price for such a product considering you are getting both a bronzer and highlighter within the set. There are a few shades available, but I got the lightest shade because, as I said before I was looking for a bronzing shade that actually suited my skin tone and was lighter than the others I already have.

The packaging of the palette is really good considering the price- it comes in a sealed box so you know that no one has tampered, or messed with the product before hand. The actual palette is also really cute, as it's sturdy,slim and inside above the two shades is a little mirror which I think is a really nice added feature.

Onto the actual product, and I will start by talking about the bronzer... It's a really lovely muted orangey/brown shade, that looks nice when just worn to add a little colour to the cheeks and face, as well as when built up to contour. To apply the bronzer, I use my real techniques contour brush (see in the above image) as it glides perfectly into the hollow of my cheekbones, and evenly distributes the colour so my cheeks don't end up looking dirty or patchy in any way. When just adding a bit of bronze  to my face for a more natural look, I will just lightly brush one coat of the bronzer on, and to contour I will just build up with about two strokes below the cheekbone.

I then just brush the highlighter higher up on my cheeks using a separate blusher brush, so as to create a bit of a glow and shimmer. I really love the highlighter that comes with this palette as it isn't too bright, and is just a light, shimmery shade that gently illuminates and lifts the cheeks.

Overall, as you can probably tell after reading this review (of sorts) , I really do like this product. I wasn't sure that I would get on with it and did hesitate to buy it, but after hearing a lot of good things about Sleek and their palettes, I decided to take the plunge. And to be honest, I'm glad that I did as I'm now pretty sure that I will be revisiting the Sleek stand again and again to try out more of their products!

Have you tried this palette before? If not, what bronzing/contouring products do you use? Please comment below and tell me as I love to find out what products you all use...

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

The Love/Hate Tag!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Hello Everyone,

I was recently nominated for this tag by Jessica from JessicaPatricia, and I was really happy that she thought to nominate me because I have been meaning to write a more personal blog post for a while now...

So, the rules of this tag are to write about 10 things that you love and that you hate once you have been nominated. Then, you have to nominate 10 others, but I'm just going to nominate 5 as Jessica has done.

I actually found it difficult to come up with a list of things that I hate- finding things that I loved proved some what easier, which surprised me really but here's my picks anyway...


Pizza-my favourite food is probably pizza so this was an easy one for me, as I never get tired of eating it.

Chocolate-another of my favourite foods, and one that I crave quite frequently.

Ben&Jerry's-in my opinion you can't beat some of this gorgeous ice cream, and it's definitely my must have food when watching TV and movies.

Christmas-this is definitely my favourite time of year-I love the movies, the music ,and the general wintery feel.

Holidays-as much as I love Christmas though, I still like a holiday in the sun. It's great to just get away whether it be on a relaxing holiday or more of a sightseeing one.

Shopping-if you are new to my blog, then hi I am kind of addicted to shopping! If your not new, then this is probably old news to you.

Make-Up-again, my blog is mostly about makeup so...

Disney World- I have been to Orlando three times now, and I would go again and again and again. It's definitely the best place I have ever visited! The rides there are perfect for me, as I don't like big roller coasters and obviously I love Disney anyway so it's just a great all round destination for me!

Movies/the Cinema-I love watching a good movie, and seeing them at the cinema is one of my favourite things to do as I just love the atmosphere, and obviously eating the sweets and popcorn.

Baking-this is a bit of a stress relief for me, as when I am baking I am too busy concentrating on the actual making of the food that I think about very little else. I'm not bad at baking, and at the end of the day I always get something nice to eat out of it as well!


Heights-I don't know why I hate heights so much, but I literally cannot stand to be above a few feet off the ground.

Weekends- I really love weekends, so the daunting thought of another early Monday morning start is enough to put me in a pretty foul mood.

Fish-ew ew ew :-( The smell, the texture, the taste, I'm sorry but I just can't stand to look at them or eat them.

Worrying-I do a lot of this, more than I probably should and most the time it's just over silly little things. So to be honest I wish I could be a bit more relaxed about everything.

The rain- no, everything about the rain just puts me in a bad mood. For one, it's horrible to be caught out in it, especially when it is majorly heavy. Then once you get out of it you look absolutely awful as well!

The sea- I love swimming, but not if it's in the sea. The thought of all the things that are in the sea floating around me makes me feel quite sick-the fish, the litter and god knows what else.

Seagulls-They stole my ice cream a few weeks ago, and it was caramel honeycomb flavour :-(

Being unorganised-If everything isn't completely in some sort of order, or organised, I will feel like my head is going to explode. I physically cannot deal with leaving things to the last minute, or leaving jobs to pile up as it really stresses me out.

Being late-this isn't too dissimilar to the last one but again, being even the slightest bit late stresses me out. Therefore, I seems to be everywhere way too early.

Flying-I couldn't really think of anything else I totally hated for number 10, but I suppose flying isn't one of my favourite things. I love going on holiday, but going on the aeroplane to get there really isn't a nice experience for me-I hate taking off, landing and any sort of turbulence so I'm pretty on edge throughout the whole flight!

Now, I'm going to tag five other bloggers to do this tag (please don't feel like you have to if you don't want to, as it's just a bit of fun).

Well, that's my love/hate tag. Obviously, all opinions in this tag are my own, and I understand that I may like and dislike things that others don't!

However thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

August Favourites

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hello Again,

It's that time again, and I honestly can't believe how quickly August passed by. It feels like only a couple of days since I was sat writing about my July favourites, and now I'm here again writing about my August ones...

August has been a pretty good month for me, mostly because I have been off school for the vast majority of it! I feel like I have done a lot within the month and achieved quite a lot with my blog etc...and of course there have also been a few things that I have been particularly loving, most of them being beauty related items.

Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette-you may well have all guessed that this would be in my favourites  this month, as since I have got it I have practically not stopped talking about it, or posting photos of it on my Instagram. It is my first Naked palette, and I'm totally obsessed with it and can't wait to buy more of the Urban Decay palettes. The colour selection is perfect for me, as I love nude shades and I can easily use it to create both everyday looks and also more smokey looks.

Essie Buy Me a Cameo-this is my favourite Essie nail polish, and sadly it's running out right now :-(. Over the last month, I have been wearing this an awful lot as it just works so well with so many outfits. It's a lovely shiny shade and doesn't really tend to chip-even when it does, you can't even really tell as it is a quite light colour.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush-this is from the Core Collection that I got a couple of weeks ago, and it is probably my most used brush from the set. I don't think that it's actually meant to be used as a foundation brush, but that's what I use it for anyway as I feel it really blends my foundation well, and helps give me an even coverage.

Real Techniques Sponge-as you can probably tell, I'm having a bit of an obsessive moment over Real Techniques products right now. I bought the sponge before the brush set, as I had never tried a beauty sponge of any sort before but now I can honestly say I would definitely buy more. This specific sponge is amazing at blending my makeup, and it also washes really well which is a great plus.

The Girl on the Train book-I don't normally have a lot of time to read, and after being at school etc, I normally can't really be bothered to concentrate on a book. But in the holidays I had a bit more time on my hands, and had wanted to have a read of this book for so long seeing as it has recieved so many positive reviews. It didn't disappoint either, and was a fantastic read. From start to end I was constantly intrigued by the story line and didn't want to put the book down.

Well, another month that has passed by and before I know it I will probably be writing my September favourites. I am really looking forward to the coming months though, as I love autumn and winter (especially Christmas time).

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

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