Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Hi again,

You may have all noticed that I have been posting every single day on my blog so far this month, and this was because of two reasons.

1. I wanted the get my blog up and running properly.
2. I was off school so had a lot more time on my hands to do so.

But tomorrow, sadly, I'm going back to school. This means that I will most likely have a lot less time to post due to obviously being at school all day, and then coming home to homework and revision.

So, for the next few weeks I will be posting on Wednesdays and Sundays. This will probably be something that continues up until the next time I am off school, but knowing me I am most likely going to be adding in the extra post here and there.

I will still be trying to stay as active on my social media as I have been over the past few weeks though (Twitter and Instagram both @oredfern1), as this is something I can update more easily...

Hopefully, you will all be able to understand why I am only going to be posting twice a week or so now, as I love to put as much effort into my blog posts as humanly possible and if I were to post everyday, in all honesty the content would be rubbish!

When the next holidays arrive again (hopefully pretty quickly) in October, I will probably be starting to post everyday again as I will be doing a lot more shopping and have a lot more free time...

Anyway, thank you for reading...

And as it is Wednesday tomorrow, I will be posting!

Olivia xo


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