My Lovely Luxemme Two-Piece

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Hello Everyone,

A week or so ago now, online fashion brand Luxemme (read more about them below), sent me a lovely two-piece outfit from their Limited Edition Collection. I already have a bit of a thing for two-pieces, as I think you can effortlessly dress them up or down and I love how you can also style them separately as well. The one I received from Luxemme, was the beautiful Olivie Lace Trim Two-Piece, which is white and has a really intricate lace trim at the bottom of both the top, and skirt.

(Taking photos like this for my blog is a bit of a working progress, as I have never done this before. I know these photos aren't the best but I'm not fantastic in front of the camera, and also in my house there aren't that many great places to take photos, but a big shoutout to my mum who persevered and helped me take some shots in the garden :-) )

Anyway, more about Luxemme...they are an up and coming fashion brand who make very high quality pieces that blend a street style feel with a hint of chic. They have so so so many different lovely pieces on their website, so I will definitely be going back and purchasing more in the future. If you have never shopped with them before,don't worry as their website is extremely easy to navigate, and so is making an account. Plus, your order arrives super quickly as well which is always a plus!

I really love how simply elegant my Luxemme two-piece is. It has the right amount of famine flare and I will definitely be wearing the top and skirt separate with other items, as well as just together...

It also fits really well, with a zip on both the skirt and the top, and both items are a very good quality with inner lining to give them a really high end look.

I really really love this two piece, and I want to say a big thank you to Luxemme for giving me the chance to own it and talk about it here, on my blog. If you love this piece as much as I do, or want to see what other items Luxemme have to offer visit their website...

Also, I have been given my very own discount code for all you lovely readers which is OREDFERN1, and you can use this to get 10% off your order!

Thank you again for reading,

Olivia xo

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  1. Lovely outfit! Gemma xx

  2. You look absolutely stunning, so chic! xxxxx

  3. Very cute =]

  4. This is a really beautiful outfit!

    1. Thank you, it's definitely one of my new favourites in my wardrobe!

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  6. Really lovely dress :)


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