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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Hi Everyone,

I thought today I would do a more fashion inspired post, and as I did a celebrity style post before featuring Taylor Swift that you all seemed to like, I'm now going to write about another person who's style I really love - Cara Delevingne.

I have really liked Cara's effortless take on fashion for ages now, whether it be simply jeans and a tee during the day, or a smouldering statement dress on the red carpet of a night. But lately, I believe that she has really stepped up her style game yet again as she makes her transition from catwalk model to Hollywood actress, wearing especially beautiful clothes on her Paper Towns press tour most recently.

I'm now just going to share with you some of my favourite looks of Cara's, both from her day to day street style, and also her red carpet style...

Street Style

Cara's street style is one I particularly relate to, as it is based upon all the sort of clothes that I like to wear on a daily basis. Normally, she can be snapped wearing her signature slogan t-shirt and some jeans, as well as the occasional beanie hat, but whatever she wears she seems to pull off really well whilst still looking effortless. In the below pictures, I particularly love the bright stripy jumper she is donning in the first photo, and the blue varsity jacket in the third as I feel like they add a great splash of colour to outfits that people would normally wear in a quite minimalistic way.

Red Carpet Style

The first red carpet photo I have of Cara is from around three years ago at the British Fashion Awards (I think), and this is when I first started to really notice her and her sense of style. I remember loving how she managed to look so glamourous, and yet still laid back- wearing a beautiful dress but also wearing her hair down in a more casual way at the same time. Lately though, like I said earlier, I think we have really seen her grow in the fashion stakes and branch out to more Hollywood-esque ensembles- for example in the last picture she looks stunning in a long flowing black gown paired with a bright red lipstick. In the middle photo, we see her quite recently on the Paper Towns tour, in a pretty co-ord set, yet again looking smart but not too over the top, which is what I love about Cara's style.


  1. Great post! Cara's style is incredible!

    Megan x / megaanalicec.blogspot.co.uk

  2. I love her effortless style as well! However, unfortunately i'll never look as good as her in those clothes haha :-)
    Abiee xx

    1. Same here, I often try to pull off the casual jeans and t-shirt look but it never looks as good as on her! X

  3. Cara always looks so fab, she can pull literally anything off!

    www.saltandchic.com // UK Fashion Blog

    1. I totally agree! She always looks great! X

  4. Cara is such a role model <3 <3 <3 Her style is just everything in my book~
    She Will Be

    1. I know, I think she's a great style icon :-)


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