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Thursday, 20 August 2015


This is only going to be a quick post as the last couple of days have been pretty busy! However, I wanted to take the time to say a massive thank you to you all as I very recently hit 1000 followers on Bloglovin...

Back in May, I decided to start my blog as an outlet for my love of all things beauty and fashion. For around a month, I posted on a regular basis and was really enjoying meeting such lovely people, and writing about things that I was passionate about. Then, it got to the stage where I fell out of love with my blog and had lots of other different things to think about, so I took a break.

After a couple of months though, I found that I was missing something from my life and as it was the summer holidays, and still is, I decided to get back into blogging. This time though, I have tried to broaden my blog across social media such as Twitter and Instagram, which has also been great as again, I have been able to talk to so many people who are passionate about the same topics as me! 
I am now throughly enjoying posting on my blog at the moment, and aside from some brief periods of writers block, I have been loving writing about all things beauty, fashion and also a bit of baking now and again.

I really didn't think when I started my blog that I would ever get to 100 followers, let alone 1000 via Bloglovin and although it may seem a small amount to a lot of people it's a lot to me, and in all honesty we all have to start somewhere!

I can't thank everyone enough for the continued support that I receive on my blog and also via my social media-it really makes me feel glad that I restarted my blog again, and also makes me happy as I'm sure I will continue to encounter more and more lovely people as time goes by.

To be honest, I'm not very good with soppy posts and emotional things but I hope this post does show how thankful I am towards you all!

I will be back posting again as normal tomorrow and will continue to make the most of the time I have off school before I go back next week.

Thank you again,

Olivia xo

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  1. Congrats! I am glad that you have got this many followers, you totally deserve it! I am proud to be one of those 1000 followers ! Welldone!

    1. Thank you that's so kind of you, and thank you! X

  2. Eeek well done dear xo


  3. Congratulations. What an amazing achievement. Here's to the next thousand.

    Hayley \\ cityandcode

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, that is very kind of you! X

  5. Congrats! An amazing achievement. x


  6. Congrats that is amazing!! xxxx

    1. Thank you, I still can't believe it! X

  7. Replies
    1. Aww thank you, and thank you for following me!

  8. Congratulations on hitting 1000 followers!

    Fran | franciscarockey.blogspot.co.uk

  9. Such a cute post!! congrats on the 1K! :) Glad to have found your blog!! <3 xx

    Louise | www.thestylewalk.com

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!


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