My Lovely Luxemme Two-Piece

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Hello Everyone,

A week or so ago now, online fashion brand Luxemme (read more about them below), sent me a lovely two-piece outfit from their Limited Edition Collection. I already have a bit of a thing for two-pieces, as I think you can effortlessly dress them up or down and I love how you can also style them separately as well. The one I received from Luxemme, was the beautiful Olivie Lace Trim Two-Piece, which is white and has a really intricate lace trim at the bottom of both the top, and skirt.

(Taking photos like this for my blog is a bit of a working progress, as I have never done this before. I know these photos aren't the best but I'm not fantastic in front of the camera, and also in my house there aren't that many great places to take photos, but a big shoutout to my mum who persevered and helped me take some shots in the garden :-) )

Anyway, more about Luxemme...they are an up and coming fashion brand who make very high quality pieces that blend a street style feel with a hint of chic. They have so so so many different lovely pieces on their website, so I will definitely be going back and purchasing more in the future. If you have never shopped with them before,don't worry as their website is extremely easy to navigate, and so is making an account. Plus, your order arrives super quickly as well which is always a plus!

I really love how simply elegant my Luxemme two-piece is. It has the right amount of famine flare and I will definitely be wearing the top and skirt separate with other items, as well as just together...

It also fits really well, with a zip on both the skirt and the top, and both items are a very good quality with inner lining to give them a really high end look.

I really really love this two piece, and I want to say a big thank you to Luxemme for giving me the chance to own it and talk about it here, on my blog. If you love this piece as much as I do, or want to see what other items Luxemme have to offer visit their website...

Also, I have been given my very own discount code for all you lovely readers which is OREDFERN1, and you can use this to get 10% off your order!

Thank you again for reading,

Olivia xo

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Autumn Beauty Wishlist

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hello Everyone,

There's no denying the fact that autumn is fast approaching, and although I created my Autumn Fashion Wishlist a couple of weeks ago now, I'm yet to make a beauty Wishlist as well. That is until now... And recently I have been looking for more autumn appropriate beauty items, so today I thought I would share some of them with you all.

  • 1. Mac Brave Lipstick-£15.50- I love my Mac lipsticks, as you all know, and right now I'm pretty partial to a nude shade. Brave is a shade that I have seen floating around quite a lot recently, and as it is a darker nude I think it will be perfectly suited to the coming, colder months and will be a product that I can wear day or night.
  • 2. Loreal Infallible Foundation-£7.99- So many bloggers have been raving about this recently, and to be honest I can't wait to try it out for myself and see how good it actually is! I have never tried a Loreal foundation, so this will be a bit of an experience for me but from what I have heard it is meant to be pretty decent.
  • 3. Urban Decay Smoky Palette- £38.00-Of course this is on my Wishlist! It is literally everywhere right now and after getting my first naked palette (the basics 2) a few weeks ago, I really want to save up for this one now as well. The mix of colours in it will make it perfect to use all year round, but I think it will especially come into its own over the next few months when I can try and create darker more autumnal/winter eye looks.
  • 4. Mac Pro Longwear Concealer-£17.50- Again, I have heard many good reviews about this product and considering its Mac I don't really doubt them. For the autumn months, I kind of want a concealer that will keep all my blemishes properly covered, and covered up against the possibility of rain and when it gets to winter, even snow.
  • 5. Mac Soar Lip Pencil-£12.50- I don't own any lip pencils :-( , but I really want to make them one of the priorities on my wishlist. Considering I am liking nude lipsticks right now, I thought that Soar would be the perfect shade for me-I also like Whirl but I think Soar probably goes better with the lip shades that I currently own.
Well there's just bit of a glimpse at my Autumn Beauty Wishlist-of course everyday I spot a new product that I would like, but right now I am trying in vain to narrow it down as I definitely can't afford them all, and probably won't be able to even buy all of the things on this short list, but a girl can dream!

What beauty items are on your Wishlist right now? And are then any other more autumnal suited products that you think I should perhaps get?

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Hi again,

You may have all noticed that I have been posting every single day on my blog so far this month, and this was because of two reasons.

1. I wanted the get my blog up and running properly.
2. I was off school so had a lot more time on my hands to do so.

But tomorrow, sadly, I'm going back to school. This means that I will most likely have a lot less time to post due to obviously being at school all day, and then coming home to homework and revision.

So, for the next few weeks I will be posting on Wednesdays and Sundays. This will probably be something that continues up until the next time I am off school, but knowing me I am most likely going to be adding in the extra post here and there.

I will still be trying to stay as active on my social media as I have been over the past few weeks though (Twitter and Instagram both @oredfern1), as this is something I can update more easily...

Hopefully, you will all be able to understand why I am only going to be posting twice a week or so now, as I love to put as much effort into my blog posts as humanly possible and if I were to post everyday, in all honesty the content would be rubbish!

When the next holidays arrive again (hopefully pretty quickly) in October, I will probably be starting to post everyday again as I will be doing a lot more shopping and have a lot more free time...

Anyway, thank you for reading...

And as it is Wednesday tomorrow, I will be posting!

Olivia xo

Baking-Marble Cake

Monday, 24 August 2015

Hello Again, 

I thought I would just share one more baking post before I go back to school in a few days, as when I go back I most likely won't have the time to bake for a while. This time I thought I would make some marble cake using a recipe I came across on the BBC Good Food Website recently, as I really like marble cake but had never ventured to make it myself before...

225g butter
225g caster sugar
4 eggs
225g self-raising flour
2tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
2tbsp cocoa powder

1. First, I heated the oven to 180C/Gas Mark 4, and lined a cake tin with baking paper (I used a long tray bake cake tin for mine).
2. Then, I creamed together the butter and sugar in a mixing bowl before adding the eggs one at a time, and mixing well after each addition.
3. Next I folded in the flour and added in the milk and vanilla, stirring well again to make sure everything was mixed together properly.
4. Then, I poured half of the mixture into a separate bowl and stirred the cocoa powder into that bowl. I also added a few chocolate chips to that bowl as well (it's not in the recipe to do this, and you don't really have to but I thought it might add a little bit extra to the cake).
5. Next, I alternately spooned the two different mixtures into the cake tin before mixing them around so the mixture was evenly spread. Using a skewer I then swirled around the mixture to help create the marbled effect.

6. The cake then went into the oven for 45-55 minutes- I left mine in for about 45, and just checked the inside was cooked by putting in a skewer and making sure it came out clean.
7. After leaving it to cool for a while, I took the cake out of the tin and cut it into 12 equal-ish pieces.
8. To finish off the cakes I then melted some chocolate and just drizzled it over the tops of the pieces (again, this isn't something that the recipe asks for but I thought it would just create more flavour!)

On the whole, this cake was a lot easier to make than I thought it would be. And it tastes pretty good too-even if I do say so myself :-)

I hope you all enjoyed reading this post, and I hope it might give some of you inspiration to make it yourselves...

Thanks for Reading,

Olivia xo

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Review-Real Techniques Core Collection

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hello Everyone,

After what seems like an eternity, I finally got the Real Techniques Core Collection-better late than never I suppose. And these are actually the first Real Techniques brushes that I have ever bought or owned, so I was pretty excited to finally see what all the hype was about!

I purchased these brushes from Boots, and they were £10.99 instead of £21.99 which I believe is an amazing offer. I'm not sure how long this offer is going to last for, but I will link to the offer anyway-

The brushes obviously look beautiful (as you can see above), they are so so soft and the case that comes with them is pretty cool too...
I'm not sure that I use all the brushes in the way described on the boxing, so today I thought I would just explain how I use each brush and what I like about each one.

1. I believe that this is the contour brush, and surprisingly, unlike the rest of the brushes I actually use it for its sole purpose. The thin, yet curved brush head makes it great to get into and excentuaute the bone structure and also to effectively contour. Because the brush is great quality as well, my contour doesn't look patchy or too brown which again is a brilliant thing!

2. This brush is meant to be used for foundation, but as it is quite small I feel more inlcinded to use it for applying concealer under the eyes etc. I really like the shape of the brush, and as it is pointed it will make it easier to get the makeup into certain areas under the eyes, or around the nose.

3. I'm yet to really use this brush, but I think I will probably use it for the finer details in lip and eye makeup looks. The brush is really nice as it is so super thin so I can imagine it will be great for finicky things, and it's also different from any other brush shapes that I currently own, so I can't wait to try it out properly!

4. I think this brush is meant to be used to apply products such as powder, but I instead use it for foundation. It's really great to use to just dab and blend in the foundation and BB creams that I have, and as it is a large brush it means that you can cover more area quicker which is a definite plus.

The case that the brushes come in is also really good, and adds that extra finer detail to the product set as a whole. I love how it will come in handy to store the brushes when I'm at home, and also when I go on holiday in the future.

I know that I got these brushes on offer and at a very good price, but I do honestly think that they are worth the money anyway. You pay for the quality, and that is all I can really say-they are soft, fantastic at applying makeup and I'm in no doubt that they will wash really easily as well.

Do you own this collection or any of the Real Techniques Brushes? If so, what do you think of them?

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

Base Coverage for Spot-Prone Skin

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Hello Again,

My skin isn't great, but hey I'm a teenager and at the end of the day I keep it as clean as I possibly can-not like it makes any difference to when my spots decide to appear and disappear. Therefore, when I go out I have to create a pretty full coverage look with my makeup in order to mask the redness and the big, fat blemishes! (I know a lot of people will say it's making my skin worse that I wear a lot of makeup, but my skin problems are hormone related as many teenager's are, and I only wear makeup when I go out).

Today, I just wanted to talk through the makeup products that I use to create my everyday coverage look, and explain how I apply them. I was going to also include images of how my skin looked before and after, but right now I'm in the middle of a pretty bad break out, so I thought I would save you all from seeing that...

Firstly, I will cleanse my skin with the Garnier Micellar Water, and then I moisturise with one of my many moisturisers (it seems to vary in which one I use from day to day). Next, I dab some of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer onto the reddest areas of my skin, and those with the most visible pores. Then using a foundation brush I just also dab the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation all over my face making sure any excess is blended in with my Real Techniques Beauty Sponge. 

Using the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, I then proceed to cover up the red patches around my nose, chin and t-zone, before also blending this in with my foundation brush and beauty sponge. Next up I finish off covering over any blemishes, redness or darkness under my eyes with my Benefit Boing Concealer, which I apply using a thin concealer brush (this has amazing coverage, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has combination skin like my own!)

To finish of my base, I will just lightly brush some of the Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder all over my face-not using to much though as I don't want to clog up my pores all that much.

And that's all there really is to it! Quite often though, it does take me a while to thouroughly mask the blemishes and I do have to reapply my concealer during the day, but on the most part these products create a pretty decent coverage look. Using all these products together also creates a look that doesn't feel too heavy on my skin, so I feel happy and comfortable wearing it for hours.

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

OPI Nail Polish Collection

Friday, 21 August 2015

Hello Everyone,

I have shared my love of nail polishes with you all before, and have often talked about my massive collection of nail products. But I was looking through my collection the other day, and having a bit of a sort out when I noticed that I now own several OPI products so I thought it would be nice to create a post about them, as I would say that they are probably my current favourite nail polish brand.

All of the OPI nail polishes that I own retail at £12.50, but I believe I bought 1 in a sale and 1 in duty free. All of them completely differ in colour, but each of the 5 that I currently have are all exceptionally good quality-the bottles are sturdy yet travel-friendly, the brushes are a great shape and the polishes themselves don't dry out and don't really chip either.

Going from left to right:

My Dogsled is a Hybrid-I love the colour of this particular polish as I think it looks great all year round. It looks lovely in autumn/winter and also perfect with a tan in the summer which means that it is definitely a great investment. Also I love turquoise/teal colours, so this is one of my particular favourite nail colours in my whole collection.

Berlin There Done That-My mum only bought me this the other day and I'm yet to try it out really, but I think it will be my go-to nail colour for autumn/winter. Nude nail colours are my particular favourites during the colder months so I'm sure this will get a whole lot of use in the near future.

I just can't Cope-acabana-This colour is probably more summer appropriate as it is a pretty bright and sunny shade. It is a nice yellow though, and not to in-your-face or sickly which is something that I sometimes find with yellow shades. If you want a colour that is usable all year round though, this shade probably isn't for you unless you like to wear bright, sunny colours in the winter of course!

Underneath the Mistletoe-Although this colour was from a winter collection, I honestly think that it works all year round. It is a red shade with added glitter which goes with many outfits and works well for day to day use, as well as of a night. For a glitter product, it is also very easy to remove which is a massive plus as in the past I seem to have wasted hours trying to remove glitter shades.

Bright Lights, Big Colour-This was the first OPI nail polish that I got and it's still going strong after 2 years. I'm not really sure how long you are meant to keep nail products, but this one is showing no signs of drying out right now!
The colour of it is very sweet- a shiny pinky/coral shade that probably looks best in the summer with a tan.

Well there is my OPI nail polish collection, and I'm really hoping to expand it in the near future as despite the price tag, I really do think they are fantastic products!

I hope you all enjoyed this post,

Thanks for Reading.

Olivia xo

1000 Bloglovin Followers!

Thursday, 20 August 2015


This is only going to be a quick post as the last couple of days have been pretty busy! However, I wanted to take the time to say a massive thank you to you all as I very recently hit 1000 followers on Bloglovin...

Back in May, I decided to start my blog as an outlet for my love of all things beauty and fashion. For around a month, I posted on a regular basis and was really enjoying meeting such lovely people, and writing about things that I was passionate about. Then, it got to the stage where I fell out of love with my blog and had lots of other different things to think about, so I took a break.

After a couple of months though, I found that I was missing something from my life and as it was the summer holidays, and still is, I decided to get back into blogging. This time though, I have tried to broaden my blog across social media such as Twitter and Instagram, which has also been great as again, I have been able to talk to so many people who are passionate about the same topics as me! 
I am now throughly enjoying posting on my blog at the moment, and aside from some brief periods of writers block, I have been loving writing about all things beauty, fashion and also a bit of baking now and again.

I really didn't think when I started my blog that I would ever get to 100 followers, let alone 1000 via Bloglovin and although it may seem a small amount to a lot of people it's a lot to me, and in all honesty we all have to start somewhere!

I can't thank everyone enough for the continued support that I receive on my blog and also via my social media-it really makes me feel glad that I restarted my blog again, and also makes me happy as I'm sure I will continue to encounter more and more lovely people as time goes by.

To be honest, I'm not very good with soppy posts and emotional things but I hope this post does show how thankful I am towards you all!

I will be back posting again as normal tomorrow and will continue to make the most of the time I have off school before I go back next week.

Thank you again,

Olivia xo

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Lush Wishlist!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hello Everyone,

I'm a massive Lush fan, but find that I only really purchase their products in the Autumn/Winter months because in the Summer I tend to shower instead of having baths as it's just easier when the weather is warmer. In the autumn/winter though, I love to have a nice, warm bath as I find it really relaxing on a cold day, especially once I have added a Lush bath product. Therefore, as these months approach I find myself with a growing Wishlist of products that I want to purchase from Lush, as since I last bought anything from there, so so many more products have emerged...

All images from -

Layer Cake- I have only tried one soap bar from Lush, and that was some years ago but this soap looks so good that I think I just won't be able to resist it once I see it in store. According to the website it is meant to smell extremely fruity, which is something I really love and will hopefully get to try.

Pink Flamingo-this is a product that I have seen on many blogs, and on even more YouTube channels, and it just looks like such great fun. Lush always seem to come up with such cool products, and the idea of a Flamingo is something that I really like. It is also a bubble bar that is reusable, so that concept is also very appealing to me.

Frozen-I love the movie Frozen, so a bath bomb inspired by this is something that really excites me. The colours of it look beautiful, as I love blues when they mix in the bath water and I think it would be lovely to relax amongst on a cold winters day.

The Experimenter-again, I have seen this on so many blogs and channels, and every time I see it people are raving over it! I can only image how beautiful the colours would look upon putting it into the bath, the only thing that concerns me though is that the colours may all intermingle and look at bit gross after awhile, but I will just have to try this out and see.

Fruity Beauty- I haven't really tried any of the Lush Shower gels either (only Snow Fairy which I desperately want again this year), but this particular one looks pretty good and with a fruity smell and I can be sure that I will love it.

Granny Takes A Dip-the bath bomb version of this is one of my particular favourites, and when I saw that it was now available in bubble bar form I got really excited. I love the smells and colours of the original so I can't wait to try this out and see how it compares.

As you can probably tell, these are only a very small collection of my Lush Wishlist, but I had to whittle it down a bit as it would have been an extremely long post otherwise!

Hopefully, when I next go shopping I will find the chance to have a look in Lush and see if I can get my hands on any of the above products-I will definitely be making a post of some sorts about it if I do!

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

Not Worth The Hype - Bourjois Bronzing and Highlighting Duo

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Hello Again, 

I never normally review anything in a negative way on my blog, as I like to create posts that help to recommend products rather than slate them. But I have been thinking and in all honesty it would be wise for me to also create some posts containing constructive criticism towards certain products, and explain why they don't work for me as this can also be helpful to read when on the lookout for a certain type of product.

Today, I will be talking about a particular product that I have found myself to be quite disappointed with, considering the hype that I have seen it receive in recent times. That product is the Bourjois Bronzing and Highlighting Duo...

Yes, it looks nice enough, and is the typical Bourjois chocolate bar looking bronzer except one side is bronzing and the other highlighting. I was super excited when I bought this product, as I had seen it advertised in many magazines and also recommended quite frequently. The fact that it was a two in one product was very appealing, and for the price of ... I thought I was going to be getting a great deal.

Upon buying it, everything was going well-The product smelt really nice, and the packaging was sturdy so it wasnt likely to get damaged during travel etc. Magnets helped to attach the flip opening together as well, so it would stay in place so that nothing could get into the bronzer/highlighter. 

Then, I went to apply it to my skin and everything began to fall apart. My skin is very pale anyway so I thought the bronzer would show up extremely well on my skin, yet it didn't on the first brush stroke, nor the next, or even the one after that. It was only after applying what seemed like a hell of a lot of bronzer that I started to see a tiny tint of a darker shade appear on my cheeks. 

It also seems, that the highlighter doesn't really fair any better-it didn't really highlight or in fact have any impact on my skin at all. This left me feeling disappointed as never before have I had the problem of a bronzer not showing up on my skin (because of its fairness, most of the time the bronzer shows up way too much on my skin!).

Nowadays, I can't really get any colour out of the bronzer at all as the highlighter has coated over the top of it,(see above image) despite the fact that I have been using separate brushes for both. It probably didn't help that the two different sections are very small and hard to get a brush on to without picking up and mixing either product into the other.

As you can all probably tell from the general context of this post, I won't be repurchasing this product. I still love Bourjois and I have never had a negative experience with any of their other products, but sadly this one just didn't work for me...

Have you ever tried this product? If so, how did you get on with it?

Thank you for Reading,

Olivia xo

Pink Lipsticks - Drugstore VS High End

Monday, 17 August 2015

Hello Everyone,

Today I really wanted to do a lipstick related post, as I felt like swatching some of my pink lippies whilst I was doing my makeup earlier. I therefore, thought that a fun post to write would be one where I compare two of my favourite pinks-one being drugstore, and one being more high end...

The Drugstore Lipstick that I chose was... Revlon Pink Sizzle

Price- £7.99

I love this lipstick as it looks to be a dark pink, but once applied to the lips it is more of a glossy, lighter pink that looks really nice of a day or of a night. This was purchased some time last year, and I have only just recently rediscovered it, and I have already fallen back in love with it. 

I don't think that it cost a bad price really, considering it is Revlon and Revlon is probably at the higher end of the drugstore selection. The colour is pretty nice, but it doesn't stay on the lips for that long and I do finding myself having to reapply it quite frequently. 

The High End Lipstick that I chose was... Mac Chatterbox.

Price- £15.50

This is more of a lighter pink compared to Pink Sizzle, but it is also quite a bit brighter. It was the first Mac lipstick that I ever purchased, and was the lipstick that inspired me to try and grow my collection as I just loved the quality and colour of the product. It can be worn day or night, but I would say that it is a more summery lipstick due to its pinkness, however this probably won't stop me wearing it as we head into the colder months.

The quality of it is quite a bit better than Pink Sizzle, as it is creamy and has a tendency to stay on the lips for hours, even after eating or drinking! 

Overall, I think if I had to pick which lipstick I liked more, I would have to go for Mac Chatterbox! This is mostly because the colour is a lot more visible on it (although I do like the colour of Revlon Pink Sizzle) and it feels more nourishing and creamy on my lips. Even though it is around twice the price of Pink Sizzle, I do think that it is completely worth the money, and definitely worth the investment as I only really have to apply it once in a day as it has great staying power.

I really adore both lipsticks however, and would definitively recommend both!

I hope you all enjoyed this type of post, and got to see how each lipstick looked both off and on the lips. 

Do you own either of these lipsticks? If so, which do you like better?

Also, would you rather go drugstore, or high end with your lipsticks?

Thank you for reading,

Olivia xo

Mini Haul - Fashion and Skin Care

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while since I did a haul of sorts, and I have been shopping quite a bit lately but, I haven't really bought loads of things at once. Yesterday however, I probably bought the most at once that I had for a while so I decided I would make a mini haul post to talk about my purchases...


Garnier Pure Active Micellar Water and Gel Wash-these were on buy one get one free in Boots, which is a seriously great offer considering each product was £4.99. I was originally just after the gel wash as I really wanted to try a new face wash because lately I seem to be breaking out quite a lot, but when I saw that it was buy one get one fee it made sense to get another product as well. That's when I also chose to buy the Micellar water as I always use Micellar water to remove my makeup and cleanse in the morning, so having another bottle handy definitely won't hurt!

I have never tried a pure active Garnier Micellar water though, so I will have to see how it affects my skin-hopefully it will help me deal with my break outs, considering it is from the range for treating issues like that.

7th Heaven Face Mask- Like I said previously, I'm dealing with a bit of a blemish issue at the moment, so I also went into Boots looking for a face mask to try and help my skin feel a bit smoother and healthier. This particular face mask is suitable for combination/oily skin, and is also peels off so it isn't a mess to get off after having applied it to the face.

I actually tried this face mask out once I got home, and I can honestly say it really made my skin feel a lot nicer. I'm yet to really notice a difference on the blemish front, but my skin now feels a lot smoother and the product was definitely very easy to use and also easy to remove! Therefore, I will definitely be trying many more of these face masks in the future, as in boots they have a whole host of different ones with different properties!


Blouse- This was from Dorothy Perkins, and was £25. I had spotted it the other day and really really fell in love with it! In the shop it was on display with a lovely black pinafore of sorts which I was also tempted to get, but in the end I thought it would probably look better on me if paired with black jeans.

Jeans- And that is why I also purchased some black jeans, as I thought they would look so nice with the above blouse, and I also needed some new black jeans for autumn/winter as my old ones are a bit faded now. These were around £30 from M&S Limited Collection, which isn't somewhere I would normally look to buy my jeans but when I spotted them they just seemed so comfy and stretchy that I couldn't really say no.

Dress- The dress that I had is also from M&S Limited Collection -I had had my eye on it for some time but I was originally £45 which I thought was a bit extortionate for a maxi dress really. However, in the sale it was reduced to £18, which is definitely a bargain! I really love the detail on it at the front, and also at the back (sorry I didn't show this in the above images, but it just has a lovely cut out back), and it will look so nice when I go on holiday next year!

I'm sorry this haul was a bit of a jumble (skin care and fashion are a bit of an odd match), but even so I hope you enjoyed reading it...

Thank you,

Olivia xo

Baking-Cute Cookies

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hello Everyone,

Another baking post! However, I thought I would make the most of having the time to bake throughout the holidays-so today I made some more biscuits. These biscuits were made by using the same recipe in which I made my jammy dodgers the other day (, because I honestly thought it was a great recipe, and it was really easy to read through and bake from!

Although today, I didn't make jammy dodgers, and I instead made cute little teapot biscuits! And below I will just quickly talk through how I made and decorated them...

To make the actual biscuits I just used the recipe from my other baking post (,so head to that page if you want to have a read of that. All I changed was the fact that when I got to the rolling out the biscuit dough stage, instead of cutting out circles I cut out teapots using a teapot shaped cutter that I purchased from Hobbycraft. :-)

The image above shows what the cookies looked like upon leaving the oven-as you can see, they don't totally look like teapots yet but that's where the decorating comes in.

To decorate, I bought a pot of icing pens from Asda (you can probably pick them up in most supermarkets though) and some very pale blue roll out icing from Hobbycraft (again, you can probably also pick this up from many different shops and supermarkets).

After the biscuits had cooled, I rolled out my icing on a surface that was lightly dusted with icing sugar. I rolled the icing out so that it was reasonably thin, but not so thin that it would tear, and cut it out using the teapot cutter.

To stick the icing to the biscuit, I just dotted some icing from my icing pens onto a couple of points on the biscuit. I then carefully placed the icing on top, making sure it was smooth and completely covering the biscuit.

With my icing pens, I then just drew on a handle for the teapot, as well as a lid of sorts. Also, I just doodled on some other squiggles and a flower in the centre just to fill in the space on the icing and finish off the overall design. 

Well, that's how I made and decorated my teapot biscuits! I hope you all like them and maybe feel inspired to make some yourself!

Thank you again for reading,

Olivia xo

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Netflix Favourites Continued

Friday, 14 August 2015

Hello Again, 

A while ago now, I posted about my Netflix favourites and you all seemed to really enjoy reading about what I was loving to watch. So, here I am again with more favourites from Netflix that I have recently been watching and really enjoying...

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Orange is the New Black
This is a series that I have literally been obsessed with over the past few weeks. When I first heard about it, I really wasn't very sure that it was my thing but after just watching the first episode I knew I loved it.  Orange is the New Black tells the story of Piper who becomes an inmate at a women's prison, and the series explores Pipers relationships with those around her and those she left behind outside of prison. I really love the comedy aspect to this series, and also how the supporting characters all have very interesting back-stories that are developed over the course of the episodes.

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Lost in Translation
Again, when I first saw this film on Netflix I really wasn't very sure that I would be a fan. But upon watching it, I actually enjoyed it and loved how different it was from anything I have ever watched before. The storyline revolves around two lost souls who meet in Tokyo due to very different circumstances, yet come together and form a very unlikely bond. Overall, it is a heartwarming story that I would definitely watch it again, and would also definitely recommend.

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How I live now
This was just a movie that I put on as a bit of background noise whilst I did some school work the other day. However, the school work didn't end up getting done because I was too drawn in by the story of this compelling film. It centres around an American teenager who goes to stay with her cousins in England amidst the growing threat of World War Three. The film itself is a bit somber and in some parts rather disturbing, but on the whole it was pretty good and I'm glad I watched it.

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The Returned
I have only watched a few episodes of this series due to my growing obsession with Orange is the New  Black, but from the few episodes that I have watched, I can tell I want to see the rest of the series and will get round to watching it eventually! It's pretty confusing to start with, and I guess that I need to continue watching in order to get a proper grasp on what is happening, but the plot centres around a town where those who were thought to be dead start to return. I have heard quite a few people say really good things about this series, so I know that I need to continue watching and find out what is actually happens.

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Despicable Me 2
Despite everything, I still love a good kids film and when I saw that this had come onto Netflix not long ago I was pretty happy. I saw this at the cinema when it first came out a few years ago, and was really excited to watch it again as it's just such a sweet and funny film to watch. If you haven't seen it, then it pretty much continues on from the first film- Gru is now a doting father to his three adopted children and has given up his criminal ways. But when given the chance to try and save the world, he jumps at the chance and a lot of funny adventures ensue. Obviously, my favourite part of the film was probably the minions though!

I hope you all enjoyed reading through some more of my Netflix Favourites, and hopefully it gave you all some ideas on things to watch in future! Comment below and tell me what films and series you are currently watching on Netflix!

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Autumn Fashion Essentials...

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Hello Everyone,

I have recently changed the fonts and some bits of layout on my blog, so I hope you all like it! Anyway on with the post, and autumn is fast approaching- to be honest half the time here in the UK it already feels like it is autumn. So today I have just compiled some of the essential fashion items that I will be hopefully buying to wear throughout the autumn months...

1. Topshop Coat -£59- This coat looks so gorgeous, and when I saw it in Topshop last week I fell in love straight away. It just feels like it is made to a very high standard, and would also keep me very warm which is great for me as I seriously feel the cold! I feel as though it would look great worn with so many things, whether it just be jeans and a jumper or maybe even a dress and some ankle boots.
2. Asos Satchel -£25- As we approach the autumn months, I love to buy myself a new black handbag. I think black handbags look really nice when paired with all sorts of more autumnal outfits, and this satchel was particularly eye catching with its cute shape and practical style.
3. Schuh Loafers - £40- I love the colour of these loafers, as they're a very different colour from most I have seen before. They are clearly a very autumnal colour, and will go with so many different outfits and look lovely whether dressed up or down. Also, schuh shoes are normally very comfy so I know these will be a staple item in my wardrobe if I buy them, and they will last me for months.
4. Topshop Sweatshirt- £25- There is literally nothing nicer than having a lovely, warm sweatshirt to wear once the weather starts getting cooler! This particular one looks very cosy and I love the slouchy style as it will be perfect to wear to go out, or to sit around the house on a lazy day.
5. Urban Outfitters Scarf -£18- I love plaid scarves, and after having one last year I know that I desperately want to buy another for this year. From my experience,the ones in Urban Outfitters are very soft and will definitely keep me warm as the weather gets colder. This particular scarf will also go really well if paired with the green Topshop coat!

There are so many things I want to buy for the approaching colder months, but I somehow managed to narrow it down to these five. Personally, I really love the clothing that starts coming in as we approach the autumn as they are always lovely, comfy, cosy pieces.

What autumn fashion essentials are you looking out for?

Thank you for reading, and thank you for all the continued support and lovely comments!

Olivia xo

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