June Goals

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hello Everybody,

You may know that my new blogging schedule is supposed to be Wednesday, Friday and Sunday but I am going to be adding the odd other post in here and there. This post being one that has been added in as it's only Tuesday, but I really just wanted to post this as it is relevant to right now as it is my June Goals.

I have seen this sort of post several times, and upon reading it on other peoples blogs I really wanted to recreate it myself and make my own goals for this month. So here goes...

1. Try and maintain a good routine of exercise- as I have got older, I have realised how important exercise is and how I need to be doing it as often as possible in order to feel healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, sometimes I don't feel like exercising (well, a lot of the time actually) and give up before I have even started. So therefore, this month I want to make the effort to get up and exercise and make no excuses when I'm doing it- by doing this I can hopefully feel that little bit better about treating myself to a cake or bar of chocolate when I want.

2. Try and eat healthier- yes, doing exercise is all well and good but eating healthily also matters. I would say that I do eat reasonably healthily, but when given the option of a cake or an apple I will undoubtably pick the cake every single time. So this month, I want to try and make the effort to occasionally pick the healthy option over the unhealthy option and also try to eat more fruit and veg than I do now- by doing this I hope to make myself feel healthier and also improve things like my skin.

3. Keep on top of school work- I am reasonably good at doing this anyway but as the summer approaches and as the idea of a long summer holidays creeps in, it's only human nature to slack off with the school work a little. So this month, I am not going to let this happen and I am going to make sure I meet deadlines and stay on track by making reminders on my phone etc, and also setting aside time to do school work on weekends and some week nights.

4. Try and do different things- I used to be one of those people who kind of just stayed in a rut and didn't really venture out of their comfort zones. Lately though, I am slowly escaping from this and venturing out to try different things. So this month I want to continue with this by grabbing hold of any new opportunities that come my way, visiting places I wouldn't normally think to visit and trying things such as foods that I wouldn't normally have tried.

5. Enjoy the summer- we don't really have that many sunny days in the UK in all honesty, and a lot of the time I spend those lovely days sat inside and not doing a lot. So this month and for the rest of the summer, every time we have a lovely day I am going to make the most of it- I want to go out in the sun wearing all of my summery clothes and eat ice cream and have barbecues, because these are the things that I will wish I had done when I am freezing cold and wrapped up in layers of coats and scarves in the winter.

Well, there are some of my goals for June- I really hope to keep to them, as I feel as though they are all little differences that will add up to June being a good month for me, which is something that I wish for every month to be as they seem to fly by so fast.

Feel free to comment below and tell me any of your goals for this month or for the rest of this year :-)

Thanks for reading and I will be posting again tomorrow,

Olivia xo


  1. Beautiful list of goals! It will certainly pay off!

  2. "Enjoy the summer"...what Summer? hahaha UK weather has been so disappointing :( #sad

    But the part about exercising and eating healthy are definitely something I'm trying to do more of :)

    Pam Scalfi♥

    1. I know, it's literally so rubbish this year, that's why I want to make the most of the sunny days when they hopefully arrive soon!

  3. Love this!! Great list gurl,I'll be prayin for ya and I'm SURE you'll suceed at them all! Seriously such awesome things to be working towards xx

  4. Great goals, mine are actually pretty similar :)


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