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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hello Everyone,

Every time I go shopping lately, I spot so many things that I want to buy-so today I thought I would make a Wishlist of the things I like, and hopefully will get to buy in the future.

I will just briefly tell you about each thing I like, the price it is, and where it is from-starting from left to right on each row.

  • Forever 21 Black Suede Sandals - £15- I really like this kind of sandal (strappy, and with the toes open). I feel like these sandals in this particular colour would go nice with any outfit, day or night and at £15 I think they are a really brilliant price.
  • Forever 21 Denim Dress- £21- I have been looking for a nice denim dress for a while now, but whenever I find one I like they are always about £35/£40. That is the main reason I really want this dress- it is a good price and I know it will be good quality as other things I have had from Forever 21 normally are.
  • Accessorize Tote Bag - £25- The colour of this bag caught my eye when I recently visited Accessorize. I love the bags in there anyway, but this is just such a beautiful red that I really really want one!
  • Urban Outfitters Calvin Klein T-Shirt- £45- I don't think I will ever own a Calvin Klein T-shirt, as I won't be paying £45 for one anytime soon. But, in the meantime I can dream, and just wish that I can receive one for a birthday in the future or Christmas.
  • Dorothy Perkins Sandals- £10- I can't believe these sandals are so cheap (I think on the website they are actually £8, but in my local store they were £10). I really like this style of sandal anyway, but the price and the cute lilac strap have made me definitely want to own a pair of these.
  • Zara Denim Shorts - £17.99- Personally, I think £17.99 is really good for a pair of denim shorts. In the summer, when the weather is warm I practically live in denim shorts so desperately need a new pair for this year. These particular ones are from Zara's Trafaluc range, which I believe sells quite good denim products as I have had a few pairs of jeans from this range before.
  • Topshop Cropped Floral Camisole- £22- I love to wear camisoles in the summer, of a day and of a night. This one looks especially cute with its floral pattern, and as its cropped I think it would look nice with high-waisted jeans and shorts.
  • Topshop Bardot Top - £14- I really like these Bardot style tops as I think they look lovely in the summer with a bit of a tan. The colour of this particular top is really eye-catching, and I don't think that £14 is a bad price for a Topshop item either.
  • Asos Gingham Dress- £18- I spotted this dress whilst just scrolling through Asos and thought that it would look nice on just a summers day when I go shopping etc. Also, for £18 I don't think you could go wrong with this item, as Asos products are normally to a high standard.
Comment below and tell me the things that are currently on your Wishlist...

Olivia xo

P.S. Thank you for 100 Bloglovin Followers! :-)


  1. I have the Topshop Bardot Top in black! It's so flattering on, kinda wish I got it in a brighter shade too like the orangey colour you chose! xo

    1. I really like it in black as well, I originally wanted one in a darker colour but then I thought I would have something a bit different! Thank you :-) x

  2. such a cool wishlist, love the gingham dress :) followed you on bloglovin x3

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts

    1. Thank you for you lovely comment! Thank you for thr follow, i have followed you back xx

  3. Love the denim dress!

    1. Thank you! I know, i really want to buy one!

  4. Wow that Topshop Cropped Floral Camisole is so pretty! ♥

    1. Thank you and i lnow, i love floral tops in the summer!


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