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Friday, 22 May 2015

Hello Everyone,

As I have only just started up my blog I am trying to post as often as possible- probably near enough everyday for the next couple of weeks, because I am off school so therefore have more free time. 

However, I have had a couple of glitches with my blog which meant I had to repost a couple of things. Because of this it looks like I posted twice in the matter of 5 minutes but this was just because fonts and images weren't working properly before hand. Also, on my Bloglovin, it appears that I have posted my 40 Beauty Questions Tag three times. I haven't and am currently trying to get this solved through Bloglovin.

Hopefully, everything else will be okay now and I should be able to post without fault (fingers crossed anyway).

Anyway, today I thought I would do a quick post and share with you my current favourite places to shop...

Topshop is probably my current favourite place to shop. Like all people, I go through phases of where my favourite place to shop is-but right now, most of my clothes are from Topshop. All year round they sell so many great things, and every time I go there I always seem to spot loads of things I like. The quality of the items is also, what I believe to be, a very good standard. All the clothes I have from there wash well and fit well-this is a plus for me as I sometimes struggle to find t-shirts that fit around my chest( a lot of tops seem to hang on me as I don't possess a lot in the breast department). However, in Topshop, I can always seem to find something that fits-even if it means shopping in the petites section.

The only complaint I have about Topshop is that I'm not a fan of the jeans. They really do not seem to fit me in any way, shape or form and I find them really uncomfortable- but I think this may just be me and my wierd body shape.

Forever 21
Forever 21 is another one of my favourite shops and whenever I visit, it can be guaranteed that I will not leave without buying something. I love the amount of choice you have in Forever 21, and also the low prices that you can find everything to be at. The quality of products is also extremely good- this is another reason I love Forever 21 as sometimes quality can be lost as prices drop, but here that is not the case. 

My only criticism about Forever 21, is that there aren't many stores in the UK and they are only in larger shopping centres, so I hardly get to visit. :-(

Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters is just one of those shops that I love to walk around. I love all the different sections for brands, home and also the books that I could spend hours scanning through. Yes, most of the products are pretty pricey (I normally only buy from here when there's a sale, or I'm treating myself), but everything is such good quality. The t-shirts and jumpers I have had from here are always so soft and comfortable that I wish I could buy more items from here.

Obviously, my only criticism of Urban Outfitters is the price, but I suppose that comes along with the brand names. However, I have picked up several items that I had seen previously at full price, in the sale so I suppose waiting can pay off with this shop.

I absolutely love how comfortable everything is in Hollister. It's one of my favourite places to buy jeans as they are always so well fitting and last for such a long time in such a good condition (I have had one pair for two years and they still look as good as new). Again, the prices can be steep in Hollister, but one thing I love is that there is always a sale section somewhere in the shop with really good items in, that are in fashion now and not cast offs from last season. 

I don't really have an criticisms for Hollister, other than that the shops are really quite dark and I have nearly broke my neck a couple of times tripping over rugs- but I suppose that is all part of the experience :-)

Finally, we come to Zara. I also buy a lot of my jeans from here as they are, again, very comfortable and considerably cheaper than other brands like Hollister. I buy most of my clothes from the Trafaluc range in Zara as it is a very reasonable price for very fashionable products. In the Trafaluc range there are always so many nice dresses and slogan t-shirts that I always feel spoilt for choice. 

However, as I have found in recent years, sales are a bit of a nightmare in Zara. I now steer clear of sale time in my nearest Zara as it is always way to busy and messy to even begin to look for a bargain-however this may be different in other Zara stores.

Well, there are my current favourite shops-all the opinions are my own of these brands and shops (people may have completely different feelings compared to me, as this is just what I like).

I hope you enjoyed reading, as this was quite a chatty post.

Please comment below and tell me your favourite shops...

Olivia x


  1. Hello fellow new blogger :)
    I love forever 21 but I agree about the lack of stores - it sucks!
    I can find TopShop a bit too expensive given the actual quality but I do go through passes too :P
    The Everday Life of Rachel

  2. I agree, some things in Topshop - especially dresses or going-out clothes can be pretty pricey!

    Thank you for reading :-) x


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