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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hello Everyone, 

Yesterday I went on a bit of a shopping spree in Birmingham and ended up amassing a little haul of buys. The main shops I bought from were Forever 21, Primark and Topshop, and I thought I would share with you the bits and bobs I bought from each shop...

Firstly, I went to Forever 21. Now, I love Forever 21- it's products are such a good price and are also great quality, so it's a win win situation really. There aren't that many Forever 21's in the UK, my nearest one being in Birmingham, so whenever I get the chance to go I always end up buying a fair few things.

Make-Up Bag- £3.50- I really needed a new, cheap makeup bag, just to pop in my handbag and put my makeup in when I go out. I had seen on different blogs that a few people owned little makeup bags from Forever 21 and it made me really want one too. This particular one caught my eye as it is subtly pretty and can be easily wiped clean- also, for £3.50 you can't really go wrong.

Heart Earrings-£2-and-Necklace-£3.50- On most of my visits to Forever 21, I end up buying jewellery. They always have so much to choose from, and it's always so cheap so I'm immediately drawn in. I bought the necklace as I thought it was so pretty and would look really nice with just a plain t-shirt or shirt. I also bought the earrings as I have purchased earrings from Forever 21 before and they have lasted well and were such a good price, so I decided to buy some more.

Socks-£1- You can see these ice cream and cupcake ankle socks more clearly in a photo later on in the post, but I just thought they were really cute. Forever 21 are great for little socks like these, as they do so many different sorts and I believe they are all only £1. Also, normally socks like this can be quite plain and boring, but these are just so nice and I already own about 6/7 pairs of them that I just wear with my converse or other trainers.

Chinos-£21- You can see these trousers in the main photo for this post. I bought these slim fit chinos as I am always wearing jeans, and in the summer denim can sometimes feel a bit too heavy on my legs-especially when it is hot weather. The colour of these chinos is a really nice tan which will go with all sorts of tops, including the floral Topshop one that I have also featured in this post. 

Next, I went to Topshop. As you can tell, I only got the one item from there but it was difficult to settle on this item as there is so much to choose from in Topshop at the moment. 

Floral Vest-£16- In the end, I decided to have this floral top, that is a bit like a vest that is a tad cropped at the bottom. I had this because I don't have many summery, floral items in my wardrobe at the moment, and I also thought that it would go nicely with the chinos I purchased from Forever 21.

Finally, I went to Primark and I only bought one item from there too, as it was extremely busy and I was just on the look out for one thing.

Running T-Shirt -£5 - I have recently started going running, and have also noticed that Primark sell good running clothes for me to wear when I do. A few weeks back I bought a hoodie from there which was only £10 (very cheap considering what other brands ask you to pay for virtually the same sort of product), so when I needed a new t-shirt for running I went straight to Primark as well. They have quite a large range of products for sports and keeping fit, but I just wanted a basic top so choose the grey one.

I hope you have enjoyed this kind of post, as I know I enjoyed writing it. 

This was only a small, and quite random haul, but hopefully in the future I will do larger ones.

Olivia xo

You can find the products I have mentioned on these websites-
Forever 21-


  1. I love Forever 21 too, they always have the cutest accessories!

    xo, Liz

  2. I know, and there is always so much choice!!!

    Thanks for reading :-) xx

  3. I love shopping in Birmingham - lovely haul :)

  4. Me too, there are so many good shops! And thank you so much :-)

  5. Loveeee forever 21! and SUCH cute products gurl!! seriously such a great haul,love your blog,keep bein awesome lovely xoxox

    1. Thank you so much! That is so sweet of you, it means a lot :-) xx

    2. Naww no problem man! And that's reallyyy sweet of you to say! Lub ya gal,it's all true by the way your blog is ahhmazing xoxox

  6. I love those little earrings from Forever 21, they are too cute. You got some awesome things! XO -Kim

    1. Aww thank you so much! Thank you for reading! :-) xx

  7. Those heart earrings are so cute!

    I can't wait to come to UK and go to Primark, I have heard a lot of things about it.

    Nice things you found! ^^

  8. Thank you!! And Primark is really good, it's amazing for low price clothing and accessories :-)



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