Summer Makeup Courtesy of INC.redbile Cosmetics

Sunday, 15 July 2018

I just love trying new makeup out, and I always feel that the summer months are a time when I can especially experiment a bit with my beauty looks. INC.redible Cosmetics' (which is the cosmetics line created by the founders of Nails INC) range of products are perfect for the summertime, because their broad range of items and shades help to create great shimmery looks that will look great on holidays, at festivals, or even if you are just having a day browsing the shops!

INC.redible Cosmetics sent me over a Summer Pack of their products, and quite frankly, I have never had so much fun swatching and testing out new makeup. All of the items that they sent me are so full of shimmery and radiance that I got very excited upon first looking throughout them - hence why I couldn't wait to share a little snippet about each of them with you all...

Brighten Up - £10

You Glow Girl - £10

A Whole Lot Of New Music - Pt 2

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Here we go again with the second part of my Recently Bought Records Post... as you may well know, I cut my previous post on record purchases a bit short and ultimately decided to split the haul in two (mainly because it might have been a bit boring to trawl through so many ramblings about records all in one go). In the mean time, I have also been able to have a bit of an explore of a few more albums that I would quite like to pick up in the future - over the past few weeks, I have been listening to quite a lot of 60's music, and so would really like my next album to be of that era (perhaps either 'Face to Face' by The Kinks or 'Strange Days' by The Doors).

'Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)' - David Bowie

Well, everyone knows that I love David Bowie (it's got to the stage now where some of my friends instantly think of me whenever they hear him mentioned), so it really isn't a surprise that I have now added yet another Bowie record to my collection. 'Scary Monsters' is a record that I have been on the lookout for for some time, as whenever I normally scour through record shops it is nowhere to be seen - however, it is now proudly part of my collection (and I may even have to display the sleeve in one of my album frames at some point, as it is a rather fantastic cover)!

Favourite Songs - 'Up the Hill Backwards', 'Ashes to Ashes', 'Scary Monsters'

Sandals by Dr Martens

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Dr Martens really are, in my opinion, the coolest shoes! I personally adore so many of their shoe designs, and love the brand's connection with subcultures of years gone by such as punk. Around a year ago, I got my first pair of Dr Martens (learn more about them here), and have found myself consistently wearing them ever since, as they work so well with my style and make a real statement. A few months later, I bought myself another pair of Docs - which I have again worn time and again (you can also find out more about those, here). Then, just a few weeks ago, I again decided to part with some more money in return for some pretty amazing Docs sandals.

I love to browse through the Dr Martens Instagram page, and had for a long time been in awe of how great their range of sandals looked. From past experience, I know just how comfy Docs are - therefore, it seemed to me that a pair of their sandals would be the perfect investment, because with such sturdy soles, they would be bound to last me for years to come. 

Although, for a time I was a little apprehensive to make the purchase, as a small, niggling part of my brain was telling me that £85 was perhaps a little steep for a pair of sandals. However, after having a mooch around the Dr Martens store (if you haven't been in a Dr Martens store in general, I would totally recommend a visit as they're pretty cool places, and understandably play some rather good music!), I was pretty sold on the idea of getting some; not only did the sandals feel incredibly light, but the soles were also super spongey, so I could only imagine just how good they would feel to wear.

So, on a trip to Leeds around a month or so ago, I finally came to own a pair of Dr Martens sandals - and so far, I do think that I'm really getting my money's worth from such a purchase too. What with the summer weather really excelling itself recently here in the UK, I have been able to pair my new sandals with many different outfits - whether it be with a pair of trousers or culottes, or with a skirt or some shorts, I am currently absolutely loving wearing my new shoe additions!

I suppose that the truth of it is that I just really like Dr Martens, and am pretty sure to buy another pair of their shoes for myself before the year is out. I understand that perhaps they aren't everyone's cup of tea (trust me, I do sometimes get some weird looks whilst wearing my sandals), but in my case, they really pair well with the rest of my, the large soles also add a bit more to my height, which is always a big bonus, when you're quite small like me.


You can find the sandals that I purchased (called Yelena) HERE.

A Whole Lot Of New Music - Pt 1

Sunday, 1 July 2018

So, I have been at the record buying yet again, which means another music-themed blog post (well, actually two more because I have decided to split this one due to the vast amount of records in involved) for you all to have a browse through. I do remember claiming that I was going to reduce my record purchasing this year, and now it appears that that has kind of gone out the window - although, if you read on, it becomes apparent that many of the records I have recently bought were actually bargains that I couldn't miss...which I guess makes everything okay!

'The Masterplan' - Oasis

I have grown up listening to Oasis, so it's really no wonder that I now class them as one of my favourite bands. Like so many others, I adore 'Definitely Maybe' and '(What's The Story) Morning Glory?', but for a very long time I had also been rather keen to add 'The Masterplan' to my record collection - full of B-sides (songs that are probably lesser known, but often better than the A-sides themselves), this album is jam-packed with so many great songs, and is definitely a must-have album for any Oasis fan.

Favourite Songs - 'Acquiesce', 'Underneath The Sky', 'Stay Young'

A Farewell to A-Levels

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

For almost two years, I have been entangled in the all-consuming world of A-Levels. For almost two years, I have felt constant stress and panic about meeting deadlines and achieving good grades. For almost two years I have, quite frankly, felt pretty miserable. Yet, now I am free of Sixth Form.

Around a week ago, I sat my last exam. Now, I have the whole expanse of summer ahead of me, full of nothing but free time, and it is both the strangest and nicest feeling of all. Quite frankly, whilst studying for my A-Levels, I felt a powerful surge of guilt every time I partook in something that wasn't school work - just picking up a book of my own choice seemed like the wrong thing to do when A-Levels exams were just a few months ahead of me, whilst simply sitting and watching TV for an hour seemed almost like a crime against school work. 

T-shirt - Pull&Bear (no longer available, but they have many other band t-shirts that you can find HERE)
Trousers - TU at Sainsburys
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