A Holiday In The Sun

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Quite frankly, the past few months have proven rather stressful for me (what with having to sit my A-Level exams, and then having to anxiously anticipate the results for two months). Therefore, a relaxing summer holiday was seemingly what I need... and it was certainly what I got.

I, in fact, spent the last week and a half of August on the Balearic island of Menorca (or Minorca, seeing as there seems to be much deliberation over what it's actually called). Whilst there, I played out the majority of my time doing very little aside from reading, sleeping, eating and lying on a sunbed. This sort of routine seems to apply to most summer, all-inclusive holidays - and although it's not usually my cup of tea (I prefer to visit places that have more to do and more to explore), due to my recent A-Level stresses, such a break was probably just what I needed.

A view of the resort in which we stayed - Arenal d'en Castell

Happy & Healthy Hair

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

We all like to look after our hair, right? I know that I do anyway - personally, I adore washing my hair and keeping my locks nice and luscious. Therefore, when I came home from work to the glorious sight of two (yes, two) haircare packages the other week, I was incredibly excited to try all of my new products out!

Firstly, I should probably talk about my new OGX products, seeing as this is a brand that I am already very fond of. Previously, I have tried a few different products from the vast array of OGX haircare ranges, and have always been very impressed by the quality of them all. This time, I have been lucky enough to test their new Restoring and Bonding Plex products which contain proteins to help rebuild the bonds in your hair. Through this collection, OGX have addressed the problem that so many of us suffer from... hair damage! As we are all constantly colouring and styling our hair, it can suffer considerably as a result - but by using the shampoo, conditioner, and rebuilding treatment in this range, we can certainly start to change this, and get our hair back to it's healthy self once again. 

I was very enthusiastic to use these new products after returning from my holiday, as whilst the sunshine is a lovely thing, it can sometimes dry my hair out a fair bit. Luckily, I was pretty happy with the results of using my new trio of items, as my hair was left feeling silky and refreshed - and so, I am certainly very keen to continue using them in the future, with the hope of them aiding me with any dreaded cases of split ends.

Secondly (well, and finally), I also want to mention my new Maui Moisture hair products. These are from the same company that produce the OGX products, and the items that I received particularly focus on using minerals from Hawaii to achieve silky tresses. So far, I have loved using my Maui Moisture shampoo and conditioner, owing to how gorgeous they both smell (and when I say gorgeous, I mean really, really gorgeous)! 

This product range is great to use on colour treated hair, and I was also very happy to see a heat protection spray included in my package - I am all too guilty of often forgetting to protect my hair from the heat of my straighteners, but with this lovely smelling spray I will be sure to make more of an effort in future. Plus, ultimately, I am hoping that with the help of all my new products, I should be able to keep my hair looking healthy and feeling healthy for the foreseeable future.

P.S. Here are the prices of the products mentioned in this post;
All OGX Products - £7.99 rrp


This post was sponsored by OGX Haircare and Maui Moisture Haircare.

3 New Albums

Sunday, 9 September 2018

I'm always listening to music, and on many of my shopping excursions, I often end up looking for CD's or Records that I can buy. Once I have bought some albums, I then love sharing a little about them on this blog - as someone who loves to discover music to listen to, I like to think that people can maybe read some of my blog posts to also get inspiration on varying types of music.

I think that that is certainly true in terms of the three albums that I have recently added to my collection, as they all vary in style and genre (but also have in common, the fact that they are all great albums)!

'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds'

I am a big Oasis fan, but am also really fond of Noel's solo work since the band split some years ago. Therefore, I was pretty chuffed to find this album in the HMV sale a few months ago, because in my opinion it is probably the best of the three High Flying Birds albums, as it contains some really incredible songs (although, I do also really like the newest album, 'Who Built the Moon?', owing to how different and quirky it sounds from previous songs and albums). What's more, I also went to see Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds back in May, so it's really nice to pop this album on and relive some of the songs that he performed during the gig.

Favourite Songs - 'Dream On', 'The Death of You and Me', 'If I Had A Gun' (I just really love the A-side of this album actually, and would definitely recommend everyone to have a little listen to it!)

The Doors - 'Strange Days'

Over the past few months, I have been listening to quite a bit of music from the 60's, and a band that I particularly love from that era happens to be The Doors. Whilst I do love their first album (and I will probably end up adding it to my collection at some point), their second, 'Strange Days' just appealed to me a bit more when I saw it in the HMV sale. Although the songs on this album are quite short (apart from the last one which is about 10 minutes long), I really do like them all, and often find myself repeatedly listening to the whole album because sometimes the running time of about 30 minutes does seem a little short.

Favourite Songs - 'Strange Days' (the reason that I fell in love with this album was because I heard 'Strange Days' and really felt compelled by the psychedelic vibes), 'Love Me Two Times', People Are Strange'

Buzzcocks - 'Singles Going Steady'

This album has been eluding me for some time, so when I finally got my hands on it in the punk section of records in Rough Trade the other week, I was very happy indeed! I really love a lot of punk music from the late 1970's, and for me, Buzzcocks really added something different to the genre by adding a pop element to their music, in contrast to the more political sounds of many of the other bands on the scene. Therefore, 'Singles Going Steady' is a classic greatest hits album, and it is full of short, catchy songs that I just love to have a singalong to.

Favourite Songs - 'Ever Fallen In Love' (this is probably the Buzzcocks song that most people know, as it really is a classic!), 'What Do I Get', 'I Don't Mind'

I do hope that maybe even just one of the albums featured in this post grabbed your interest, or perhaps might influence something that you listen to in the future... In the meantime though, I would love it if you could leave some music recommendations for me in the comments below!


Some Smashbox Lipsticks

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

I really love Smashbox makeup, and if I could I would buy many more of their products - however, I often find that they are a little out of my price-range, and so I can only really invest in their cosmetics on special occasions (e.g. at Christmas and on Birthdays). Therefore, it was obviously quite a wonderful thing when I found out that as part of National Lipstick Day, Smashbox were giving away free full-sized lipsticks via o2 Priority Moments!

Due to my parents being on o2, I managed to snap up two new lippies as part of this deal... and seeing as both of these new additions seem like the perfect sort of shades for the Autumn months, I thought I would share a mini review of them with you.

Always On Liquid Lipstick in 'Fair Game' - I do love wearing a nude lipstick at anytime of year, but I always find myself popping such a colour on a little more often in the Autumn months. The colour of my new Smashbox nude is really lovely; a warm nude shade, this colour complements many a makeup look and doesn't make me look washed out as some darker nudes do. In terms of consistency, this liquid lipstick is super creamy and sets as a matte lipstick would (which is always a massive plus for me, considering how much I adore matte lipsticks)!

Always On Metallic Matte Lipstick in 'Rust Fund' - The idea of a Metallic Matte lipstick really interested me, as I do love how metallic lippies look, and I don't think you can beat a matte consistency. Therefore, I was pretty impressed with the way that this lipstick looks - it has a gorgeous metallic shimmer, and sets in a perfectly smooth way that helps it stay on the lips for quite some time. The shade of this lipstick is also rather beautiful, as it's highly pigmented copper colour adds a bit of brightness to an autumnal makeup look.

These lipsticks were each meant to cost £19.99, and so the fact that I got them both for free is incredibly exciting! I had wanted to try a Smashbox lip product for quite some time, but had been a little hesitant considering that I didn't want to spend nearly £20, and then decide that I disliked such a product - however, now I know how lovely these lippies are, I shall be sure to add more to my future makeup wishlist!

Have you ever tried a Smashbox Lipstick? If so, let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below...


Exploring Nottingham

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Considering that Nottingham isn't really that far from where I live (about 50 minutes on the train), it's somewhere that I rarely go to - well, in fact, up until very recently I hadn't actually been there for about 4 years.

However, this was something that I wanted to change considering the fact that the city is full of cool shops and places to eat... and so, a few weeks ago, Me and my Mom finally made a trip to the city, and managed to have a little explore of what Nottingham has to offer.

So many of the buildings in Nottingham were incredibly pretty (hence why there are so many photos of them within this post), and I honestly loved walking around the streets and gazing at them all.

Out and about in Nottingham in my favourite new dress from H&M - it only cost me £18, and I just love the pattern on it, as well as the flowing sleeves.
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