All About An Album - Is This Is? By The Strokes

Sunday, 18 November 2018

It may be rather infamous due to it's risqué album cover (yes, the whole bum touching situation is a little bit odd), but 'Is This It?' by The Strokes is definitely one of my all-time favourite albums - I actually listen to it incredibly frequently, and for that reason, I thought what better way to show my love for it than in a blogpost...

I was only 1 when this album was first released (it came out in 2001), and so it evidently passed me by for many years. It was only when I first heard 'Last Nite' (the Strokes single that is probably most well-known) on the radio that I gained an interest in the band, and quickly took to listening to their debut album 'Is This It?' rather often on Spotify. If, like myself, you are fond of Indie Rock, then this album will probably be the perfect listen for you - I finally got round to purchasing 'Is This It?' on vinyl back in the Spring, and have had it on my turntable a heck of a lot ever since, owing to the fact that I really am rather obsessed with it.

New Nail Colours

Sunday, 11 November 2018

As someone who very much enjoys painting their nails on a regular basis, I am always on the look out for new polishes to try out. Therefore, when I found out about the Roxanne Campbell Luxury Nail Lacquers, I became very intrigued and was quite excited to try some samples out.

Roxanne Campbell is a prominent name in terms of nails, and is the lead manicurist and nail artist at London and Paris Fashion Week (which a very cool achievement for certain, and so, as you can probably imagine, her nail lacquers are pretty great too). I normally swear by Essie Nail Polishes, and over the years have amassed somewhat of a large collection of polishes from their range - so, I thought that it would be pretty exciting to compare Roxanne Campbell Lacquers to my old favourites. Considering that several of the lacquers in the collection have been nominated for beauty awards (and they are also all made in the UK, and are cruelty-free) my expectations were rather high, and I felt further excitement about trying some owing to how the collection featured so many lovely colours!

In the end, I opted to try two quite neutral shades of lacquer, (those being a grey called Stormy Weather, and a nude called Nude Tights), considering that during the Autumn and Winter I do prefer to opt for lighter sorts of shades, as opposed to bright, exotic colours. When applying each lacquer, I was pretty impressed with how the colours looked after a couple of coats - the grey, in particular, struck me as being rather lovely, as it isn't at all too dark and reminds me of an Essie shade the I used to be obsessed with called 'Cocktail Bling'. That being said, the nude colour is also very nice and it's subtle shade gives it the versatility to be worn on both casual and more dressy occasions.

In terms of quality, I was also rather pleased with the Roxanne Campbell Lacquers; I always rave about how great the Essie polishes are in terms of staying power, so these new additions of mine had quite a lot to live up to. However, they pretty much succeeded as they only really started seriously chipping after a few days... which is in fact pretty good for me, considering that I have been known to previously chip my nails in a matter of minutes, let alone days.

These Lacquers are a little more expensive than other polishes out there, but I don't think that that would put me off buying from Roxanne Campbell in the future. In all honesty, it is just nice to be able to find another Nail Polish brand that sells good quality items (some of my friends and family do actually laugh at my slight obsession with buying most of my nail polishes from Essie)...and what's more, the lovely range of colours available already has me adding some shades to my wishlist!


A Funky Monki Dress

Sunday, 4 November 2018

More often than not, I simply cannot resist a browse through the Monki website, owing to the sheer amount of cool clothing that they sell. Many items seem to grab my attention on each visit, but for some time, the range of shirt dresses that Monki sell were particularly appealing to me...

Therefore some time ago, when I noticed that one of the aforementioned shirt dresses was now half price (at £15 instead of £30, which I deem to be a pretty good bargain!), I immediately jumped at the opportunity to buy it - and since then, I have pretty much fallen in love with said dress, and have been tending to wear it on many an occasion.

The first reason that I adore this shirt dress, has to be the incredibly funky pattern that covers it! Each and every one of the shirt dresses on the Monki website possesses a very unique and cool pattern, but I particularly love the weird shapes that adorn mine (they actually kind of remind me of ears), and also the range of the colours that feature on it, as the pop of light pink certainly adds an extra touch.

Another reason for my loving this dress so dearly, is it's general fit and style. I'm not a massive fan of fitted clothes, and am much more into baggy and oversized items - therefore, this dress' slouchy shape is perfect for me, whilst it's reasonable length (although you can't see in the photos featured in this post, the dress is actually a bit longer at the back than at the front) means that I can feel nice and comfortable whilst wearing it, seeing as I'm not all too fond of wearing short dresses.

What's more, I also love how well this dress pairs with so many other accessories. For example, I pretty much always wear mine with a pair of leggings in order to keep myself a little bit warmer now that it is Autumn - although, I can also imagine how cool such an item would look with a pair of fishnet tights, if you perhaps wanted to wear it on a more dressy occasion. Furthermore, the dress looks rather cool when worn with a pair of my black Dr Marten's shoes, and when it gets even chillier in the winter time, I plan to just pop a jacket or coat over the top of it, so that I can continue to wear it for months to come.

My love of this shirt dress has already got my scouring through the Monki website again in search of a similar item to wear in the future...although, I often get distracted by the multitude of other, lovely items that they sell. I ultimately feel very comfy when wearing this dress, and of course,  I have felt rather happy to receive kind compliments on it, it also has pockets (yes, pockets) which is always a winner in my book!


P.S. Unfortunately, I don't think that this particular shirt dress is available any longer as it was in the sale. However, all of the other ones in stock on the Monki website are the same style, but featuring different patterns - and you can find them HERE.

Some Short Stories

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

I could spend absolutely hours browsing through bookshops, and I have to admit that Foyles is one of my all-time favourites. In Grand Central Birmingham, there is a Foyles bookstore, and I just love to look through all the different books and add to my reading wishlist as I go...

It was only on my most recent visit to Foyles though, that I noticed that they also have a section of Penguin short stories. There was so many little books all stacked up in a line, about so many different subjects, and by so many different authors - and I, of course, felt like I had to scour through the vast majority of them in order to pick a couple out.

Pretty In Pink

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

I'm one of those people that gets bored with their hair pretty quickly, and am always keen to have it cut differently, or dyed a different colour. Therefore, I recently thought I would take the plunge and make my hair a little more adding some pink!

I didn't really mind going for such a colour because at the end of the day it wasn't going to be permanent - the hairdresser bleached the ends of my hair blonde and then added a toner which tinted my hair pink for a few washes. But, considering that I ultimately fell rather in love with my new hair colour (which turned out to be more of a grunge-looking rose gold, than candy floss pink), I decided to try and keep on top of my colour at home with some Bleach London Products...


Quite frankly, I had been pretty desperate to try out some of the Bleach London products for a very long time - if you don't already follow their Instagram, then I would definitely recommend that you check it out, considering how cool some of the hair colours and hair transformations that they post are! Therefore, what with me getting the ends of my hair bleached, I realised that I could finally try some of their cool colours for myself, and so I very quickly went into Boots to make some purchases.

Rose Gold- I really wanted to be able to keep on top of my new hair colour at home, and so a bottle of semi-permeant Rose Gold dye seemed like the perfect thing for me to purchase. Whilst I haven't actually got round to trying this colour out yet (I'm still letting my original pink fade out), I am very excited to give it a go - I plan on just applying some dye to the bleached ends of my hair, and then combing it in slightly so that the colour blends...and hopefully, I will be left with a nice Rose Gold tone to my hair for a week or so!

Rosé - I was a bit unsure about what other dye to opt for (there was a 3 for 2 offer on in Boots when I bought my products, so I thought it only right to buy another bottle), but eventually decided to keep with the pinks and also get Rose. I haven't yet tried this product out either, but on many occasions, I have seen this colour used on the Bleach London Instagram, with lovely looking results - so I therefore hope to achieve a similar look with my own hair.

Rosé Conditioner - This pairs perfectly with the Rosé dye (and any pink hair colour really), as it helps to maintain the pink tones in your hair when you wash it. In all honesty, I actually wanted to get myself the shampoo - but seeing as only the conditioner was in stock in Boots, I just opted for that instead, as I thought that perhaps making more of an effort to condition my hair after dying it would be quite beneficial. I have actually been using this product since I got my hair dyed a couple of weeks ago, and have so far been pretty impressed with the results; it leaves my hair feeling nice and silky, whilst also helping me to keep my pink tones in tact.

I'm still feeling a little bit obsessed with my pink hair, and so am hopeful that my new Bleach London products will help me sustain my new colourful locks, for the foreseeable future - in any case, I will try and keep you all updated via social media on the results on me using my new semi-permeant dyes!


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